New York Yankees: what to expect for the future?

Every person in the USA knows who the Yankees are. This team is one of the most iconic teams in baseball history. They’ve won multiple world series and have seen some of the game’s most talented players play for them. But it seems that the Yankees are going through very hard times for the last ten years. Even if they made it to the playoff 8 times out of 10, they really struggled and couldn’t deliver any title for their fans. That was the case for the short season of 2020. Now, the question is: How the New York Yankees will do in 2021? The betting odds from Betway make the Yankees second favourites only to last year’s winners, the LA Dodgers.

More time to prepare!  

We’re now in the MLB’s offseason and 2021 season will only begin on April the 1st. That leaves the New York Yankees plenty of time to put everything in place in order to break this succession of bad performances. Their fans are hungry for new achievements and the team must do everything in  its power to honor them. 

This longer offseason is the perfect moment to reconsider and think deeply about how to reestablish the team’s dominance over the league. Trades and new organizations will have to take place. This is a turning point for the Yankees and they must make the most of it. 

Avoiding the error of the past!

With their frequent early elimination in the playoffs, some may think that the Yankees might have a bad roster. This is completely false. They had very good players every year of the past ten seasons. It’s quite normal given the fact that they’re a very rich club. The Yankee’s front office doesn’t limit themselves when it comes to acquiring great players.

 It seems that landing extraordinary expensive player isn’t always the solution to win a championship. They did that each time they had the occasion and still, it didn’t get them to the promise land. Their problem may not lie in their roster but elsewhere. It’s more likely now because let’s not forget that seven of their rosters are listed amongst the 100 best baseball players. 

The Yankees should not do what they’ve done for the past 10 years but think their problem in another way. The key of their success may lie in establishing high automatism between their players. It’s great to have great individuals in your team, but if they don’t know how to play with each other, good results won’t come. 

Are the Yankees a serious contender to the title in 2021? 

The response to this question is always yes for each season of MLB. They have all the pieces to allow them to win it all. It always comes down to how they’re using their assets. For now, they must focus on making the most of their already very scary team. They’re lucky enough to have Gerrit Cole, a pitcher of high quality, in their roster. Experts say that in order to have a deep playoff run, the Yankees must surround him with enough talents. 

If they succeed in doing so, they would be able to beat any team of the league. Winning games would be easier for them. For that to happen, their front office must act rapidly to find the right players. We must not forget that too very important players for them might leave this offseason: James Paxton and Masahiro Tanaka. 

If they went elsewhere, the Yankees must find good recruits to fill in their positions. They’ve the means to attract the best players so it shouldn’t be a problem if they act fast. All things consider, the Yankees might have success again if they manage to make good offseason decisions.

About Marcelo Villa

Marcelo is an associate editor at The Sports Daily, and has covered the San Diego Chargers for Bleacher Report. He also writes for Sportsdirect Inc.