LA Clippers Patrick Beverley fined $25k for verbal abuse on an official

Los Angeles Clippers’ guard Patrick Beverley has always been known for his never-backing-down play in a game, even when it comes to the opponent being an official.

Following their Game 2 defeat at the hand of the Denver Nuggets, Beverley was seen to have gone after the referee having been whistled on for a foul he felt he didn’t commit. He asked the Clippers’ coach Glenn Anton, popularly known as Doc Rivers, to question their decision, the head coach declined his offer and the 32-year-old returned to the floor, with that said it is one of the top casino games for real money for the supporters of the game.

On the next play, the Clippers’ guard was then called for another foul which resulted in him challenging an official for the second time. This took the issue up a notch, as he picked yet another technical foul before being given an automatic ejection.

On Monday, it was announced by the NBA that the 32-year-old guard will be fined $25,000 for his verbal abuse on an official during the game.

As he isn’t the first player in the Doc Rivers’ team to be handed a fine this postseason, he may as well not be the last considering the team affairs so far.

On Wednesday, last week, the Clippers’ forward Marcus Morris was handed a fine of $35,000 by the NBA for his brutal foul on Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic in the Game 6 of his team’s first-round series. His fine is higher than usual due to Morris’ repeated fouls throughout the series.

Both Beverley and Morris need to keep a cool head during a game, fouls and fines like these comes when players were frustrated with how the game was heading, thus making it easy to get fined. The duo are one of the most important players in the Rivers’ team, and the Clippers’ victory in a game might prove to be more difficult if the two players are off the team.

Due to this issue, Patrick Beverley has been playing on a reduced minute in games for the Clippers, and his cap will not be increased for some weeks. Choiceonlinecasino online casino backing the team with odds in their recent games.

Los Angeles Clippers’ coach Doc Rivers took to the media to confirm that the 32-year-old game restriction will not be seeing any lifting anytime soon, the highest game cap he will be receiving should be around 13-16 minutes in the near future.

Beverley was formerly stated to have succumbed to some calf injury earlier, but Rivers claimed that the injury was not a difficult one.


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