Boston Celtics defeat Toronto Raptors 111-89 in Game 5

With every step come consequences. The Toronto Raptors have come to reap their consequences of going down 2-0 at the start of the series. Having been forced to a hole from the very beginning the Raptors were willing to crawl out of it but with little help, they could get from the bench, the team had to start off with their prolific players.

This came back to haunt the team on Monday in their Game 5 against the Boston Celtics, resulting in the Toronto Raptors starting the game with a weak side, unable to score points, sluggish, failing to recover. The game resulted in a 111-89 defeat as the Celtics claimed the victory to a 3-2 lead in the series and this was well predicted in some online blackjacks as odds were given for the game

With the little help they could get from the bench, there should be no critics over the head coach Nick Nurse style of playing their starters in heavy minutes for Game 3 and 4. If not for playing OG Anunoby and Kyle Lowry for over 45 minutes in Game 3 and Fred Vanvleet, Pascal Siakam and Lowry playing over 44 minutes in Game 4, their qualification for Game 5 might not have happened.

From the start of the game, there were pure signs of lack of energy from the Nurse team as they were able to start game shooting 1 out of 10 from the field. Only after the 3-minute mark were we able to see a player other than Anunoby score some points in the first quarter for the Raptors’ team. Although their missed 3-pointers chances played a part in their early loss, their 1-for-7 in the restricted zone played a major role showing how off-balanced the team when attacking.

The Toronto Raptors’ displayed an impressive defensive performance in the first quarter of the game, but not long after their sluggish offensive caught up to their defensive side as the Raptors gave up 37 points in the second quarter, going down to 62-35 before the halftime break.

Their most impressive display throughout the match was in the third quarter when they finally outscored the Boston Celtics in 28-25, but their lead was too little to offer an impact to the large setback they suffered before the halftime break, placed odds for this game

Having realized the game was lost, the Raptors’ boss Nurse was able to reduce his regulars’ minutes in the game, as Anunoby only played 25 minutes and Siakam 28 minutes while Lowry and VanVleet were the highest in the team as they played over 34 minutes.

Due to this, the Toronto Raptors might just have a chance at leveling the score to 3-3 but how long that last will.

The Raptors will be looking to avoid elimination in their Game 6 on Wednesday, with a refreshed team.


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