5 Top Picks For Your Fantasy College Basketball League

Fantasy basketball is huge, and college basketball’s exciting young talent has spawned its own independent popularity. Creating a successful fantasy college basketball team really tests your mettle as an avid fan and a prospective manager. Sites like novibet.co.uk have made finding team stats and their odds of success so much easier, but stats are not enough when you want to pick a killer team that will triumph during the season.

Look no further than the freshest picks just graduating high school this year, huge talents that have been snapped up by colleges all over the east and west coast:

Nico Mannion (Arizona)

He’s still a freshman, but Nico’s scoring ability and distinctive pale red hair have made him stand out this season. Nico is on everyone’s college draft pick list, and that’s not surprising with his track record. Averaging at 30.4 points and 6.2 assists per game in his senior year in high school, he’s been quickly snapped up by the Arizona Wildcats and everyone has big plans for this wiry guy.

Cole Anthony (North Carolina)

Another freshman potential, Cole has cemented his position on the hearts and lips of college basketball enthusiasts all over the country. His stats stand at 18.0 points and 9.5 average assists per game. With an impressive near-triple double during the Prep Circuit this last season, all eyes are on Cole to head straight to All-American next.

James Wiseman (Memphis)

There’s no doubt that freshman talent is hot, and this season seems to boast the best of them. James has already bagged the 2018-19 Gatorade player of the year, and come June next year, he’s the most bet on No.1 draft pick. Even with his controversial school eligibility issue, he’s still prime star talent. He’s expected back in full form on January 12th.

Anthony Edwards (Georgia)

Raw talent is always spectacular to watch, and Edwards has brought spades of that this season. He’s already been compared to another college basketball breakout Victor Oladipo. He shows the potential to top his draft pick class, and avid pundits who have followed his game see a long and successful career ahead of him.

Isaiah Stewart (Washington)

Boasting a 15.2 game point average, Stewart is definitely going to hold his own through his college career. As a junior, he has gained more experience in his freshman year and holds his own under pressure. There’s All-American in his future, that’s for sure.

BONUS: Andrew Jones (Texas)

This impressive player was in his own real-life Cinderella story when he scored 20 points in his first game after leukemia treatment, a career-defining come back. Nothing says promise more than a player who can bounce back in even better form, and all eyes are on Jones to know how he holds up during this season.

What’s your fantasy college basketball looking like? Whether you’re a seasoned coach or you’re trying to dip your toes into fantasy basketball, drafting these promising rising stars of college basketball guarantees a higher level of success.

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