Subway Domer Is Back… Stop Pouring Liquor Out

Admit it. You knew this was going to happen sooner or later.

I'm back.

Rather than list a timeline of why or how this all came about, I'll just say that I missed it more than I thought I would and the timing was right to ease back into this circus.

A few things…

Please don't expect a rehash of everything since I took my "vacation." There's plenty of things to discuss and I will just keep marching forward. Obviously, there are cause and effect situations, and I'll deal with that at some point.

Subway Domer is going back to its roots. The days of this being a "news" site are long gone. This is a blog and will be handled as such. Actually, this is a much more complex issue, but just know that I won't be pounding out very many BRWAKING OHS MY GODS BRIAN KELLY TO COACH UTAH type posts. 

It's down to just me now. (And whenever I need some artwork from Philly Kelly ie the above image). I'm not saying that I won't ever add contributor's again, but for the foreseeable future, this site will be my twisted and brilliant thoughts and mine alone.

I was promised WordPress and the death of Joomla. Bloguin is making some massive changes to the entire network, and this is something that I am very excited about. Very, very soon, this website will have an entirely different platform which means a different look and new features. Overall, this was the straw that brought me back (that and ND Tex's inability to properly work a ND Football Google Hangout).

Like I said, I have a long list of reasons why I'm back, and even more in depth explanations of why/how all of this happened- but who gives a shit? It's 2014 and Golson and I just want to party. So let's just do it- I MEAN CLICK CLACK CLICK CLACK.

Damn. Gotta knock this rust off.


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