Notre Dame Football: While You Were Sleeping…

I noticed something dreadful the other day. I noticed no new posts on this site since June 10th. I suppose I could spin you a tale about it being the summer and time with family and yada, yada, yada- and all that would be true. However, it really came down to just plain laziness on my end. There were at least a few “big” stories coming out of South Bend, and a dozen or so “stories,” but every time I opened up my laptop, I quickly found myself down some other wormhole of thought.

My apologies. Of course, there is no shortage of news with outlets both from the mainstream and in the blogosphere, so I’m sure my absence was neither severely missed or even noticed. At any rate, I feel that I owe those loyal few a little bit of an opinion. I’ll keep it brief, and only slightly enlightening.

Jarrett Grace

There was lots of optimism a month ago about the injured linebacker.

It has been a month and nothing else has really been divulged. I don’t have a very positive feeling about Notre Dame’s linebacker position as a whole, and in particular, the options without a healthy Jarrett Grace. I don’t mean to trash the contributions of Joe Schmidt, but if we are being honest with ourselves, you can admit that feeling as well. Although we can have hope in incoming freshman, Nyles Morgan, he is still only a true freshman and I refuse to slot him into anything… yet. (That’s what August is for).

I am waiting for Vizzini….

Will Mahone

Jesus Christ, where do I even start? Well, maybe I’ll just start at the end.

That was quick, but certainly not unexpected. To put it simply, Mahone fucked up in a big way. Despite the original report of multiple felony charges, Mahone is “only” being charged with one felony count. That’s enough for Notre Dame to back away slowly. As it has been stated before, this is not the same type of case as Floyd or even Calabrese and Rees. This isn’t Oklahoma, and felony charges are took pretty seriously by the university.

From a football perspective… there is no perspective. Mahone has never been a real roster factor for varying reasons, and probably was never going to be. So, this isn’t Oklahoma, but maybe it’s a little like Alabama and “thinning the herd.” Even if it’s not, I feel better when I entertain the thought.

On the bright side; felons can vote in the state of Ohio.


Notre Dame will play a home and home series against Georgia. Hey, that’s pretty badass.

So, people are generally excited about this news. I must admit that I too am among those who threw up a fist pump, but I have some reservations.

  • I don’t like the year layover. A true home and home series should come in consecutive years. I understand that in today’s world of college football scheduling, these things are done to get the job done.
  • I really despise all of this “SEC” talk. Notre Dame is playing Georgia- not the rest of the SEC East. The lazy media loves to spin these type of tales as if it really matters, but I find them absolutely ridiculous.
  • I don’t mind the Texas shuffling. Whatever.

For what it’s worth, this game (well, this type of game) is exactly what we as college football fans were hoping for when the playoff system was announced. This is an exciting time, and with the chains of big ten scheduling bondage now broken, I think this will help show that Notre Dame’s future schedule should only be more interesting that what we have seen over the past decade.

shawn crawfordRecruiting

The Irish are plowing away on the recruiting trail. With 17 commitments, Notre Dame’s 2015 class is currently ranked #7 nationally by both Rivals and 24/7.

Notre Dame has secured 9 of those commitments in the past month.

  • Brandon Tiassum DT
  • Micah Dew-Treadway DT
  • Nick Coleman DB
  • Elijah Taylor DT
  • Shawn Crawford DB
  • Justin Yoon K
  • Josh Adams RB
  • Miles Boykin WR
  • Ashton White DB

While there have been some that have criticized the Irish for the lack of “superstars” in this class, it is solid, deep, and RANKED IN THE TOP 10. There is still a long ways until national signing day, and anything (good and bad) can and will happen. Yes, the decommittment of Blake Barnett hurt (at least the recruiting rankings as his enrollment would have meant a sure transfer in the near future by one of the other three not named Golson), and losing Hilliard and Cornell both to Ohio State sucked in multiple ways… this class still has a good chance to finish in the top 5 with a good season.

I’m more worried about Rice than I am in the average number of stars arriving in South Bend in June of 2015. Well, for now.


There was more attrition.

Yeah, that sucks. Yes, he was an incoming freshmen and some will even point out that he was only a 3 star recruit… but DEPTH man. Depth. Sykes transfers to IU, so the guess is that this was an academic thing. Could be a system thing too with the move to BVG from Bobby D.

My advise? Sign 30 guys in February.


Notre Dame is officially an Under Armour school.

While I still have a lot of excitement for this deal, there was no way on hell I was driving an hour and a half for the midnight sale. Sorry, but I don’t wear jerseys and I don’t wear coaching apparel (also known as performance polos).

I’m also positive that Notre Dame and Under Armour will somehow find a way to sell its product to Irish fans other than MIDNIGHT MADNESS FIRE SALE!!!

Moving On

I doubt I’ll go on another month long vacation from the site any time soon, so hopefully another one of these posts won’t be coming your way. Instead, I plan on finishing up the “Essential ND Offseason” series if only to say I actually finished it before the start of fall camp.

Got to have goals in life.

To sum this all up; I am not dead, in jail, passed out naked on a sand dune, or even bored. I’m functional- just get me to fall camp QUICKLY.

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