Notre Dame Fashion: Uniforms, Shamrock Series Uniforms, And You

I wasn’t confused. Today Under Armour unveiled Notre Dame’s Home and Away Uniforms for 2014 as well as the 2014 Shamrock Series Uniforms.

I went to the Defiance County Fair.

It’s cool. I’ve been through these unveiling’s enough times in the past few years, that I felt confident enough that the world will not burn down with changes to the Notre Dame uniform. Having said all that, it’s not like I have a shortage of opinions- so let’s hack at it for a second.

Shamrock Series

shamrock series uniforms 2

100% CAMO FREE. I have to say that I am a little more than disappointed that of all the great alternate uniform cliche’s, the Irish and Under Armour did not choose any type of CAMO. I’m looking at you 2015!

With all of that aside, I really like this years version. I don’t think they’re in the OH HOLY FUCKING APE BALLS AQUAMAN league, but they look pretty good (#2 on my list of Shamrock Series uniforms). Most normal people seem to think they look good too, so I guess sales for all of the Shamrock Series gear should do fairly well.

One of the most notable aspects, of course, is that Notre Dame helmet. With the respect given to the Dome aside, the interlocking ND was long overdue. It’s hard to believe that such a simple concept wasn’t already done in any of the previous 5 Shamrock Series games. (Yes, I’m even talking about the 2009 Washington State game).

To sum this all up… really nice job Under Armour. Golf claps from the Gold Seats are heading your way (well, probably not knowing those bitter bastards, but well done anyways).

Regular Season

notre dame uniforms 2014

This deserves an old school bark from Arsenio Hall’s DOG POUND. As it was said by Kevin Plank last spring, he and Under Armour respect the “classic” and “traditional” looks from its roster of schools. Auburn was a school tossed around as an example of what they can do for schools that want the classic look.

I don’t have too much to add here, other than I like that the Under Armour logo is on the shoulder as opposed to the neckline. It could be a wee bit smaller for my taste, but these uniform contracts don’t come cheap and there are reasons for that.

As with these regular season uniforms and the Shamrock Series uniforms, I will save final judgement for them until I see them in total game action. I want to see how BOSS they look doing BOSS things. It’s a habit. There is a totla lack of CAMO for these as well, but we weren’t really expecting that- were we?

notre dame 2014 uniforms 2

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