KeiVarae Russell To Return To Notre Dame In 2015

We are starting to get a little closure on this situation with the “Frozen Five.” NBC Sports reports that KeiVarae Russell will miss the entire 2014 season, but would return next year to play in 2015.

Shortly after that, KeiVarae Russell released this statement on his Instagram page:

“Though disappointed in the decision the school has just recently made after 2 long months of waiting for a decision to come, I accept it and will make sure I spend my time away efficiently. I will not be playing this season and will most likely miss the spring semester as well, but regardless, I will be back at this University in June 2015 ready to go in the summer, and ready to make history during the 2015 season! I want to ball with my brothers again and receive a college degree. I love everybody who has supported me during this prolonged process, and still continue to do so. Let me assure everyone that I will use this time to come back stronger mentally and physically. This hurdle won’t stop me from fulfilling my dreams. I am going to come back better than ever!! 7 months of constant training & work on my craft at Cornerback. I love my family, friends, fans, and my team! I am going to come back as the best corner in college football. TRUST ME. Stay tuned with me on this journey!”

What this means for the football team moving forward, provided that Russell’s plan to return remains intact, is that the Irish could be starting the 2015 season with 11 returning starters on defense. 11 returning starters on this Brian VanGorder defense.


I had said from the beginning that from a football perspective, these 5 players would not be as “missed” on the field as the perception was laid out to everyone. ND was deep on its roster, and now it just got deeper for the future.

Hopefully we will learn more in the future.

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