Irish Blogger Gathering: Getting Back Up

HOLLA IF YA HEAR ME! After a devastating and mostly bullshit loss, and then a by week to realize just how undevasting and completely bullshit the loss really was, the IBG is back and ready to get weird.

It’s Navy week, and although I normally go “pirate” this week, Mike Coffey went FULL pirate for his IBG, so be sure to check that out.

Here we row….

Frank Vitovitch, Many pundits are now saying that Notre Dame will almost certainly be in the playoffs if they win out.  1) Do you agree? and 2) What do you think Notre Dame’s chances of winning out and making that a debate are?

I drunkenly called Ryan Ritter after I had drunkenly called into the ND Radio show hosted by Irish Tightness. During both occasions, I flat out sated that there was no way- no fucking way, they (the powers that be) would allow a one loss ND team into the playoff. I had many reasons, and most of them were quite valid.

Now, however, I tend to agree that if ND wins out, they will be in the playoff. I reserve the right to change my mind in a few hours once the CFB Playoff committee releases its first rankings. I will say no more until then.

Mike Coffey, NDNation: It only took one game in 1993 to make BC a “rival” for some people.  Did this game change your perception of Florida State vis-à-vis their position in our pantheon of opponents?  If so, how?

I have a much broader interpretation of the word “rival” than a lot of Irish fans- including Mr. Coffey. I don’t look at the word “rival” and consider it to be some type of holy language. I think it’s an evolving definition. I don’t believe people that disagree with me would have a hard time describing Miami as a rival in 1988, but surely that isn’t the case now. It’s complicated, but my belief is that USC is our lone and true rival, while there may be 4 or 5 enemy of the state type schools on the schedule each year, with maybe one or two of them able to reach “rival” status on at least a temporary basis (Sparty, would be an example of that). Florida State is one of those schools, but seeing as how ND may not play them again for a few years, it’s impossible to rank them. The game changed nothing about the “hate” factor. We hate FSU, and that’s good enough for me.

Aaron Horvath, Fighting Irish Athletics: By now we all know the outcome of the Florida State game, but the main question is, did the loss change your thoughts on Notre Dame’s outlook for the year? If so, how?

I was leaning towards a 10-2 or type season during the preseason, and the Michigan and Stanford games already changed that outlook. I think Notre Dame has a great shot to get into the CFB Playoff now and i didn’t think that wuld be the case before September. So… what in the hell do I know? The irish are playing great and I’m jumping on the train with a bota bag full of Apple Crack. Let’s get weird together.

Ryan Ritter, Her Loyal Sons: If you could change one thing about the game this past weekend that didn’t involve a yellow flag, what would it be?

There was a chance for a Sheldon Day pick 6 and I want that back. I want that Sheldon day interception return for a touchdown- for Notre Dame, for Sheldon day, and for dreadlocks everywhere.

My question for the group and for you was this: It’s a world gone crazy, and I will save the oddball question for another week. Gentlemen… Discuss Tarean Folston and what automobile bests describes him.

Ready to set sail? AYE AVAST!!! (dammit Coffey)

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