Essential Notre Dame Offseason: North Carolina

#goacc The Irish really start feeling that ACC love this week. It’s too bad this is a home game, as the middle of October is just PRIME North Carolina time. It could have been a road trip. It could have been.

North Carolina

FELDER, MICHAELNorth Carolina is a hard team to throw some shade on- at least for me. There’s a lot to like about North Carolina if you don’t mind academic fraud, a basketball school mentality, and Greg Little. I actually DO mind all of those things, but they got some pretty sweet uniforms and is the alma mater of Subway Domer friend, Michael Felder (former safety and the enlightener of The Force). It makes me almost forget the 100’s (yes 100’s) of hate email and comments from NC fans from a few years ago when I said something about NASCAR.

I offer you these thoughts that will probably be repeated later in the post:

  • IT’S A TRAP! After Stanford and before Florida State… OH JESUS I ALREADY KNOW THIS TALE.
  • They got this really fast white kid named Ryan Switzer- and that scares the shit out of me.
  • One of Phil Steele’s power ratings called for a 12-0 season for the Tar Heels. So… Phil Steele’s power ratings are TOTALLY disrespecting us. That’s EASY bulletin board material.
  • Elijah Hood gets to play at Notre Dame Stadium after all.

3 Reasons To Get Excited

  1. If you start thinking about this game as a “TRAP” game, than you can really get yourself pumped up. I mean- you can go TOTALLY over the top. Break out the GREENMAN SUITS.
  2. A 5-0 Irish team is probably ranked in the top 10. If you can’t get excited about that possibility than you’re doing this all wrong (because I’m fantasizing about a 6-0 Irish team heading to Tallahassee E’RY NIGHT SON).
  3. Fieldturf looks beautiful this time of year.

Essential YouTube

The broiest fans.


Essential Twitter

Seriously. Over 335,000 tweets. You have to follow him. His ability to not have any bias is actually more frustrating than soothing.

And others

Essential Reading

3 Other Games To Pay Attention To

  • UCLA vs Oregon
  • Texas vs Oklahoma
  • Cincinnati vs Miami of Ohio KEG OF NAILS KEG OF NAILS

Last Thoughts As An Ending

  • Have I mentioned that this could be a TRAP game?
  • College Gameday could be on the line, and I really don’t care. Some of you will- but no.
  • Seriously interested to see how NC uses TJ Logan and if they will be using Elijah Hood.
  • NORKEITHUS OTIS. That’s a name- and a damn good one.
  • Projections get murkier after the first quarter of a season. We could be awesome or we could be shit by this game. I VOTE AWESOME. [Realizes that I am not registered to vote in that district].
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