Cody Riggs Fills The 85th Spot For Notre Dame

Cody Riggs, a defensive back from the University of Florida, is transferring to Notre Dame using the fifth year transfer rule that will allow Cody to be eligible for the Irish in 2014. Riggs was heavily recruited by Notre Dame while a blue chip high school player in Florida. Riggs chose the in state Gators, and played in 40 games while starting in 26 as both a safety and corner.

Riggs fills the important 85th spot on the roster. This means that, at least heading into spring ball, the Irish have filled all 85 scholarship positions on the football team (Riggs won't join the team until this summer as he graduates in May from Florida). While this may seem like a small part to the story, I can't stress enough how important it is to have as much scholarship worthy talent as possible on the team. Don't believe me? Just ask Alabama or any other school that over signs. It's done for a reason, and that reason is to secure the best depth possible each season.

Of course, I expect at least one transfer and or medical this spring, so that "85" may only be in play for a few weeks.

Riggs will play cornerback and joins a deep, but very young unit. KeiVarae Russell is Notre Dame's best cornerback, and will start for the third season in a row. Sophomore's Cole Luke & Devin Butler both played well at times last year as freshmen and both look to be in the mix to have the edge in starting on the opposite side of Russell. The Irish also have incoming freshman Nick Watkins, and redshirt freshman Rashad Kinlaw, as well as veteran backup, Jalen Brown.

Most analysts believe that the safety position is best for Riggs who plays bigger than his measurements, but as it was stated before, Riggs will be a cornerback while at Notre Dame. Most likely, he will be involved in some type of rotation and figures to be a great option at the nickel.

Two years ago, the Irish entered the 2012 season with a lot of questions about its secondary, and in a short time, it appears that the position group will be in very good shape for 2014.

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