Bagpipe Monday: Wobble

Welcome back to Bagpipe Monday here on Subway Domer. This past weekend had your hero right smack dan in the middle of a fall wedding. Seeing as it was a bye week for the Irish, I didn’t feel inclined to go FULL ASSHOLE I WOULD RATHER HUMP AN ERUPTING VOLCANO mode. The slate of CFB games wasn’t overwhelming, and with all the various apps to watch the games on the go, I felt comfortable at my table watching white people line go apeshit over line dancing as I had my phone playing the Ole’ Miss game.

It was a quick ceremony with the reception just two steps away. People were drinking keg beer out of Solo cups during the ceremony. I was comforted. Inside the reception, a group of single girls no older than 21 sat with Kiki and I. After 30 minutes of conversation, this royal couple must have shot eachother about 60 eyerolls- we were loving it.

One of the more classic lines of the night came from one of these gals as she wanted to dance and, in particular, wanted to dance to one song of note; “Wobble.” She informed us that she would “wobble the shit out of that song if it comes on.” To our delight, it played just moments later and she was off to the dance floor with the other young gals and Kiki, and she did indeed wobble the shit out of that song.


I couldn’t get that song or that phrase out of my head- in particular the word “wobble.” Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down. Something about that kept reminding me of Notre Dame football, and this season. The Irish are 6-1, highly ranked, and primed to make the playoffs if they just keep winning.

The Irish wobbled, but didn’t fall down. They changed the national narrative about this team, and although the bye week was actually placed perfectly for what’s coming up on the field, it would have been nice to follow up the FSU game good press with an ass whooping of someone- anyone other than a plate of cheeseburgers.

The Irish wobbled, and now, they have to transform into some type of horrifying vampire-werewolf demon hunter on a mission from the archangel Michael rather than an oblong object too used to getting pushed and prodded if they want to keep upright at the end of the season.

That transformation begins this week. GOING FULL PIRATE-VAMPIRE-WEREWOLF MODE NOW:

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