Wu Am I? Notre Dame’s 36 Players Of Impact Part II

Welcome back to the 'Wu Am I?' series on Subway Domer. This is where we cut the shit and peel back the curtain to see who will be the 36 players of impact for Notre Dame football in 2013. Depth charts are a thing of the past, and they are especially inaccurate with Notre Dame in the front 7 of their defense and within the skill positions on offense. There is flexibility, and more players see more significant playing time. 

Make sure you have seen Part I before you dive into Part II of the 36 Chambers…

Prince Shembo

Old Style Slayer

While most of the media attention was firmly given to Manti Te'o and Stephon Tuitt during Notre Dame's amazing run in 2012, those who actually paid attention were blown away by Prince Shembo. After playing out of position in 2011, Shembo returned to his rush linebacker position and was a fucking nightmare for opposing offenses. Despite new blood coming in and high hopes for Ishaq Williams, Shembo will be the main man on the outside for the Irish, and he will be looking to improve on his 7.5 sacks that he had in 2012.

TJ Jones

Natural Ice Navigator

Jones is as overlooked as they come. In 2012 he became a very aggressive and steady receiver for the Irish. If only he had a few more inches to give… Regardless, Jones has developed into a very good receiver with great instincts, and seems to have an excellent relationship with the guy that throws the ball to him. With no Eifert, the Irish will need Jones to continue his ascent in his final year in South Bend.

Bennett Jackson

Lowenbrau Frau Magnet

Notre Dame was looking at a disaster type situation in the secondary with bodies breaking in the preseason and a whole lot of inexperience coming up from behind. Jackson was key to Notre Dame's success in 2012 with 4 interceptions and 4 pass breakups. He was also third on the team in tackles. Basically, Bennett Jackson is a BOSS. He has come a long way since his early scrawny days at wide receiver to being the best coverman on one of the nation's best defenses. Well played Mr. Jackson.

DaVaris Daniels

Tecate Toot
Wide Receiver

There was a lot of pressure put on Daniels to perform in 2012 and although he didn't put up the numbers anticipated, he was a very steady player. 2012 was his first season after redshirting during his freshman year, so maybe those expectations were a little bloated. However, there is the strong sense around Notre Dame that Daniels will break out in 2013. At least he should get his first Irish touchdown. That would be a great start.

Tommy Rees

Blue Moon Cocoon

There aren't many quarterbacks at ND, or anywhere for that matter, that can change their legacy at the school so efficiently as Tommy Rees has done. People wanted this kid to be escorted out of South Bend via the Secret Service after a turnover plagued 2011. After his arrest in the summer, he had even more people throwing him out like last months porno mag. Instead, he took a young lion under his arm and he became a great teammate by not only helping Golson and the team with his late game performances, but also because he didn't allow any rift in the team that happens with quarterback changes. Looking for more of the same this year. 

Greg Bryant

Short Yardage Strohs
Running Back

Bryant is the second freshman listed in this group, and he is listed for good reason. With Notre Dame's top 2 running backs from 2012 gone, this position is up for grabs come this fall. I personally believe Bryant to be the best pure running back on the roster- once he gets to school. Regardless of "who da best?" Bryant should see plenty of carries this season and really excite the NDNation crowd with his "RUN THE DAMN BALL" attitude, lifestyle, and pocket protector.

Christian Lombard

Colossal Coors Cool-Climber
Big Ass Blocker

Lombard had his good moments last year, and he had a few not so good moments. Still, he was a very consistent lineman for the Irish during his first year in the starting lineup. The Irish are going to have to depend on him to anchor the right side after losing starters to right guard and center. Lombard appears up to the challenge yet again, and looks to continue to help the evolution of the Notre Dame offense moving forward and not backwards 10 yards at a time.

Zack Martin

Michelob The Magnificent
Big Ass Blocker

Turned down the chance to enter the NFL Draft to come back to Notre Dame and play with his brother and brothers. Probably the best offensive lineman that Notre Dame has had in a decade. Captain. All-American candidate. Bouncer- NO YOU WILL NOT TOUCH MY QUARTERBACK BITCH AND THAT WAS MY RUNNING BACK ZOOMING PAST YOUR GRASS-STAINED ASS REAL RECOGNIZES REAL. Zack Martin is good and primed to have an amazing season in South Bend.

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