Twittermania: The Weekly Top 10 #NDFB Tweets 9/16/13

After a boring week (Purdue) that saw little bits of nothingness, it gave way to a shitty game (Purdue). Everyone deserves a trophy after that one….

It was a tough call to get it down to 10 tweets, but that's exactly what I did. You can check out the season standings at the top "TWITTERMANIA" tab, and the leaderboard follows the tweets. Remember kids, the tweets are in descending order #10-#1. Ranks #10-#6 receive 1 point, while #5 gets 2 points and #1 gets 6 points (you kids can fill in the blanks).



@PDXIrish 15
@KeithArnoldNBC 6
@alx_west 6
@tricerapops 5
@ndIRISHlc19 5
@FightingIrish17 5


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