Twittermania: The Weekly Top 10 #NDFB Tweets 9/10/13


Well that week sucked ass. So much hope. So much hope getting stuffed down the shaft of a shit-pipe in Ann Arbor. Go figure. Well, here is this week's Twittermania. Remember kids, I have to see the tweet to make it count. That usually means that I have to follow you, or see a retweet of a tweet from someone I follow. I can also see it via the HLS Game Recap

You can view the full standings by clicking the "TWITTERMANIA" tab at the top, and the leaderboard makes its first appearance following the top ten tweets. 



@PDXIrish 8
@alx_west 6
@ndIRISHlc19 5
@FightingIrish17 5
@PootND 4
@NDEddieMac 4
@kevib47 4


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