Twittermania Season 2 Finale… A New Champion Is Crowned

notre dame tweetsWelcome to the season finale of Twittermania on Subway Domer! After what seemed to be a brutal and torturous wait to find out when this damned thing would stop and who the new champion was going to be… IT IS FINISHED. 

Before we get to all of the particulars (and the glory- lots and lots of glory) I want to just say that I tried. I really did. I tried to keep this thing in check and make it a little simpler which makes for an easier read and an easier "contest" to manage, but sometimes shit just gets crazy. I laugh at the notion of a "top 10" regularly. 

Anyways, the season is over. The new one will begin when I see fit- which of course means sometime "around" spring ball and will continue through the summer. 

Now… your new CHAMPION:


Yep. Oak did it. He conquered this thing and deserves all glory and tribute. The final scores (minus the first timers that appeared in the finale) CAN BE FOUND HERE. Here is the top 5:

1. @oaknd1 28
2. @A5thDown 27
3. @tricerapops 24
4. @HLS_NDTex 19
5. @pootND 19

Now, the finale:

Twittermania: Season 2 Finale

The best tweets to come across the @TheSubwayDomer Twitter timeline. A NEW CHAMPION IS CROWNED!

Storified by The Subway Domer· Tue, Mar 12 2013 19:24:19

Oh hi giant empty beer cup kelly
Mama H telling her friends that I may need "labia" surgery to fix my left shoulder woes may be the greatest audio clip ever.Ty Hildenbrandt
Possibly the only audience getting older and crankier than Notre Dame’s is Facebook’s.Matt Q.
I’m sorry but this lady called it a "black accent" which sheds some light on her own racial issues. I bet she says "talking black" too.Michael Felder
I can only imagine how a white guy from NOLA would shatter this woman’s mind.Michael Felder
Dan Fox’s surgery was an amputation…of his Samsonian mane.Superman TD Jesus
Deer Antler? I hardly know her! /microphone feedbackJesse
Want to start a rumor that ND turned down Vanderdoes for the punter that just committed. But only @TheSubwayDomer is that much of a dickSteve G
@HLS_Biscuit @GreatShaneND @TheSubwayDomer I LOVE TSDphilly kelly
@BillisKing 4 year old just walked by me and said "BILL’S BALLS OF STEEL" … Hahaha. Maybe I’m listening on the internet too much!Irish Tightness
Hey recruits, when tweeting photos watch what you leave in the picture
"I will kill that thing so hard. Murder it to death" – A thing I just said under my breath about my toiletAndy Hutchins
Recruits: if u don’t have access to fax machine, u can call in your announcement, but it must be by rotary phone. Thank u.John Walters
NSD … the day when grown ass men know way too much about 18 year boys (or 20 yo men if in kansas) from coast to coast.ebj
In observance of National Signing Day, please send all tweets to my fax machine.TM
Sure, I’m excited for ND’s class.. but I will be ECSTATIC when BROgan BROback sends his LOI to Eastern Michigan. #GoEagles @TheSubwayDomer.Maxwell
There’s a kid at Cocoa High who gets to tell the world he’s going to Notre Dame to play football this afternoon. That’s cool as hell.Andy Hutchins
@TheMarchTo85 The real difference between Brian Kelly and Nick Saban? First three years.Kelly – 63 signed playersSaban – 85 signed playersThomas Hager
Go home, Eddie Vanderdoes live feed. You’re drunk.Adam Kramer
I am Vanderdoes. #IrishMob13 Down Moses
But I was told the incompetent admin in the football offices had ruined everything?!?Steve G
Honestly the funniest thing about signing day is a 5 star recruit, apparently, saying "I love South Bend!!"PAK
Drinking Tanqueray & Code Red is like drinking ALL THE TROJAN TEARS! THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE #FUSCThe Subway Domer
‘member when NDcouldn’t recruit elite defensive players anymore because of academics and snow and blah blah blah blah bling bling blahoak
Screamed "VANDERDOES!!!" at Bronco Signing Day HQ. #GoIrish Herring
@TheSubwayDomer I believe at one point you single-handedly challenged the entire country south of the Mason-Dixon to a fistfight.First Down Moses
@TheSubwayDomer is hammed right now on the Google Chat. He’s an RKG.Blog Davie
"NOBODY MENTIONED MALK ZIARE!!!" – @TheSubwayDomer, five minutes after I called a favorite in this class. Well done, sir. #DRUNJNDtex
My tv is getting wild right now. @TheSubwayDomer Patrick
Didn’t realize I was thins drunk. #vanderdoesThe Subway Domer
@TheSubwayDomer not sure what I laughed more at you going off on @HLS_NDtex bout Malik Zaire or u wanting to get ND coaching staff hookers..jared klingel
@SteveinIowa1 @SupermanTDJesus @Irishfootball11 @TheSubwayDomer For example, last night could be encapsulated thusly: Down Moses
Aaaaaand @TheSubwayDomer has no idea where he is #drunjNDtex
"And I have no idea" – @TheSubwayDomer, the answer to a question THAT HE ASKEDNDtex
"We’re not going to talk bad about anybody" – @TheSubwayDomer, 5 min after allowing us to answer which recruit would likely be arrested.NDtex
I just finished @TheSubwayDomer’s recruiting wrapup. Think I caught a low level buzz just from watching.Nina
Some of these post-Signing Day #takes are piping hot. I had no idea we still used "inner city" as a cloak for racism.Ramzy Nasrallah
Odd dream this morning: Riding an escalator and someone littered. At the top was @TheSubwayDomer glaring at me. I felt shame.Shane Setnor
@TheSubwayDomer you would think. I bet TSD office has beads!philly kelly
Cocaine is a hell of a drug RT @TheSubwayDomer: “which is hard to do, considering I don’t have my magic 8 ball with me.”Superman TD Jesus
I’m giving up on the Big Ten for Lent.Edward Sorin, C.S.C.
@TheSubwayDomer enjoy RT @SolidVerbal: This is the digital camo Oregon spring game helmet (via @Jill_Savage) …
(814): My code for I need help will be if I’m holding a bud light lime..TextsFromLastNight
@TheSubwayDomer Are duels your proposed method of resolution for the dual number problem? Because that would not be surprising, nor boring.One Foot Down
@TheSubwayDomer but Chachi will come back and teach Victor the ways of the Force..jared klingel
Manti Te’o still ran the 40 faster than Tim Tebow’s throwing motion.sir broosk
"If you can’t stand back and appreciate Ke$ha, there’s really no point…" – overheard in the officejosh flynt
ALERT TO @TheSubwayDomer Re: Possible CAMO Unis!! TD Jesus
@TheSubwayDomer u should have a warning label on ur tweets 2 not read & eat @ the same time. I started laughing & then choked on my foodThe Mrs. Truj
Happy birthday to the greatest state in the union. Ohio! Kasich
Jesus it is hard to tweet when you’re day drunk.OverThePylon
Hogan has covered Warrior twice but referee earl hebnar is still out cold! #livetweetingwrestlemania6oak
snowstorm forced the white house to cancel alabamas victory celebration there today. if you could be best friends with a weather system…Johnny
"Hark! Mother! Two – nay, three score additional telegrams from Notre Dame!"sir broosk
I might be the biggest dude to wear #1 in College Football. #MakingHistorylOUIS NIX III
Is there any way I can integrate ‘You’ve Got The Touch’ from Boogie Nights into a ND video? There has to be…Alan W.

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