Twittermania: Dropping Bombs Y’All


Welcome to Twittermania, that once a week tradition that has now only made two appearances in the past two months. Shit happens- but the tally is still, well… tallied. The one thing that hasn't been tallied was all the tweets from the title game. As drunj as this guy got, I was waiting on the HLS Twitter recap. That never happened, so….

You can check out the full standings on the Twittermania tab above, but here is the top 5 leaderboard:

@A5thDown 26
@oaknd1 25
@tricerapops 23
@pootND 17
@HLS_NDTex 14

We got just a few more weeks to go for the title. Shit is getting intense. ON TO THE TWEETS…

Twittermania: Oh Shit…

Storified by The Subway Domer· Thu, Jan 24 2013 19:28:52

Golden Dome Gingerbread House #ChristmasTime #Domehome #weareND Clary
Macho man #beefobrady Gold Helmets
When @TheSubwayDomer is not around I always think something ridiculous happened to him.philly kelly
I suspect this is the work of @phillykelly and i think its safe to say that its the greatest art ever created
I give you…Superman Touchdown Jesus TD Jesus
“@SabanSays: Uh…Roll Tide?” < holy crapNDtex
@TheSubwayDomer now I see where they get there big ugly fucking linemenGreg Miller
Oh my god these Clemson fans are going to fuck each other in the standsedsbs
Bama fans, right this very moment, the Pope is selecting gold from his vaults to offer up to the NCG refs this weekend. #BamerFearMatt Q.
This stealing 5* recruits from USC, having top ranked recruit classes & playing for the title is fun. This do this every year you guys!Steve G
PAINTED END ZONES!! THAT’S it no longer donating my $75 to the general fund.oak
Just found this old picture of Everett Golson, thought I’d share. #GolsonIce #NDFB #goIrish Ball
Credit Lane Kiffin’s evaluation process for identifying which 5* recruits today are the 3* Trojans of tomorrow.Dan Rubenstein
AJ McCarron brought 30 pairs of shoes to Miami and there’s no way he’s not an asshole for that.Chili
Think I might’ve just gotten engaged to some random floozy at a pizzareia at 430 am. You know young love so beautiful so pureNDEddieMac
@HLS_NDtex @TheSubwayDomer @oaknd1 FYI – My uncle (ND ’80) will be watching the game from the International Space Station tomorrow.Jeff Ford
Shout out to the Irish fan who will be watching the game from farthest away: astronaut Kevin Ford (’82) on the ISS! Fighting Irish
NOOOOOOO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOO NO RT @BarrettSallee: Can we stop with Seven Nation Army chants, please?sir broosk
Marqise Lee on seeing rival ND at title game: It’s tough. We went from No. 1 to nothing and they went from nothing to No. 1.”Bryan Fischer
Holy shit, this order came out MUCH larger than expected
@thesubwaydomer omg drunkest. kelly
@TheSubwayDomer there was definitely a boomtastic BOOM! With @phillykelly TD Jesus
Yep. RT @NicoRBR This is amazing
everytime a pass is completed aj mccarron gets a rosary bead tat.ebj
Dude I can so do without the girlfriend cam. Like I need no parts of this at all.Michael Felder
Oh poor sad ND fan about to GIF’d across the internet. You are my greatest fearSteve G
The "conference rooting" mindset creeps me out like people who attend their ex’s wedding. But congrats, other SEC school fans!Tom Costello
I wish I was tweeting "game over" and @oaknd1 would reply "not so fast" and then we win.Jesse
Love reading the tweets of fans whose teams lost bowls, didn’t qualify for bowls, and have no chance of ever playing in a game like tonightNotre Dame Football
I hope we start next year unranked too… 2012 was awesome!Money Ball
For an ND fan, watching this defensive performance must be like watching your dad get beat up in a bar parking lot. Just demoralizing.Keith Arnold
Well this is hilariously awesome. (from R/Funny)Steve G
Happy birthday Boston College and go fuck yourself.THE KEY PLAY
If Kevin White was the AD, I’d understand the paranoia.Money Ball
My favorite fb post re: BK rumors. "supports my dislike for him even more.I hope he takes the job so we can restore some traditions to ND."Nina
For anyone who gets pissed at a college coach for bailing on players, when is that magical time when there are no players to bail on?Sean Keeley
All I’m saying is, either Kelly is going to the pros, or ND’s getting a jumbotron.Matt Q.
“@A5thDown: All I’m saying is, either Kelly is going to the pros, or ND’s getting a jumbotron.” And field turf.Sprout
Brian Kelly – the reason to stay at ND is simple: #Meijer.Jesse
I mean, even skewed for the last 25 years of #NDFB, this has been an impressivly quick move from FUCK YEAH ND to OW MY BALLSSteve G
I would be more upset about all this chaos if we all weren’t so good at gallows humor.Chris W.
I mean, if you think about it, that was a solid 4 months when being a ND fan was fairly enjoyable and fun. Has to be a record for us, no?Steve G
#FF to my FedEx guy, who informed me that the Bama players "done some sexual shit for the devil" in exchange for a win & ND will be back.Brian Mo
Jon Gruden turns down your school. #sixwordmovieplotsMark Ennis
In the end I think BK understood there’s only one @phillykellyBlog Davie
Imagine how terrible your life would be if Harbaugh went to Michigan instead of SanFranMoney Ball
Nina here reporting from the front lines in Lake O, Oregon. Emotions range from "all-carb lunch and a good cry" to "rage blackout"Nina
Manti Night Shyamalan.Adam Koscielak
suddenly the "this is my date, he’s a french model" commercial isn’t funny anymore.Brent Haydon
This guy is on Manti’s side: G
@TheSubwayDomer @DNDFBF @downsouthirish5 screenshot kelly
"How could Manti Te’o be so stupid?" said the same society that bought six million Third Eye Blind CDs.sir broosk
When the Manti Te’o made for TV movie and/or miniseries rolls out, and it absolutely will, I sincerely hope Mario Lopez is cast as #5Money Ball
One time, @TheSubwayDomer talked a local busker out of his hurdy gurdy. Then traded it on eBay for a new set of snow tires. #TSDStoriesoak
@TheSubwayDomer his name was Robert Paulson. His name was Robert Paulson. His name was Robert Paulson. His name was Robert Paulson.Money Ball
The only real post-Heisman lesson this year: Collin Klein is a boring-ass dudeJason Kirk
Once went on a ride with @TheSubwayDomer while he wore ass-less chaps, a Metallica t-shirt, and the stains from a 6 pack of Milwaukee’s BestShembo’s Bike Seat
BREAKING: Shelly Smith reporting that Jimmy Snuka’s nephew made up @TheSubwayDomerBayouIrish
Te’o can’t be this gullible? Fuck you. I saw you like some skeezy Facebook page to get 2 "free" southwest tickets, dumbass.Matt Q.
Te’o can’t be this gullible? Who keeps electing these members of Congress again?Matt Q.
Te’o can’t be that gullible? How’s that adjustable rate mortgage going?Matt Q.
Te’o can’t be that gullible? I’ll get back to ya, those WMD are around here somewhere.Matt Q.
Te’o can’t be that gullible? Whatever, Mr. BeenTakingHydroxycutFor6Years.Matt Q.
Te’o can’t be that gullible? Nice University of Phoenix Alumni bumper sticker.Matt Q.
Te’o can’t be that gullible? And your church minister told you this over golf at his country club?Matt Q.
Te’o can’t be that gullible? Your classmate in your real estate class told you that?Matt Q.
@A5thDown he can’t be that gullible? Lets discuss further after we explore the benefits of flax seed powderJesse
Gotta have a piper when storming a castle!
New term: "Pootfished". When you get to know someone online then meet in real life and they are way shorter than you expected.oak
@TheSubwayDomer I follow you because its nice to see that there is someone out there more whacked out than me!Mark Willis
Every time @McMurphyESPN tweets about Charlie $trong, an ACC AD shanks a chip shot.Matt Q.
Responsible attorneys don’t work for the NCAA. They blog. #themoreyouknowsir broosk
"The truth about a Ronnie, he’s a sweet ol’ girl / About the sweetest little girl in the whole wide world." – Bobby BrownJesse
These sweet potato fry haters need to WAKE UP.Peter Berkes
@A5thDown them’s fighting words (about sweet potatoes, not about turkey bacon)Jordan Gamble
@oaknd1 @HLS_NDtex @FearTheStache – "MUUUUSICAL GUEST….LENNAY KRAVITZ!"Jesse
Mama H has her own opinions on the Te’o interview… Solid Verbal
I’m disappointed Couric didn’t follow up the Te’o's "far from it" response with "how far, about 80% or so?"NDtex
This morning, I had my developers stop what they were doing and start building a voice modulating iPhone app named "Lennay" #catfishTrav
Personally, the bigger Notre Dame scam was the Sugar Bowl after the 06 season. We convinced people Jamarcus Russel was worthy of a #1 pickSteve G
Behold: A pop culture #InternetWin of biblical proportions, starring @FirstDownMoses and @GreatShaneND: Fox
Moses & Great Shane get 5 points each for reasons.
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