The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame At Michigan

notre dame preview

There's something wonderful and comforting in having the feeling of "hate." On a cold night, hate keeps you warm. When your stomach is growling in hunger, hate satisfies your belly. When you feel lost and empty inside, hate helps you find your way and fills your soul with purpose. 

That's what we get this week; hate. I love it. Regardless of your view on the Notre Dame and Michigan game as it pertains to being a rivalry or not, I think we can all agree that there is as much hate in this game as any that Notre Dame plays during the season. 

The Irish look like they need a little dose of that hate to light a fire under their collective asses. It's not that they played poorly last week, but I was looking for a little more passion and gut-wrenching emotion. Obviously, that was a little difficult to manufacture when you're playing Temple, but that should come a lot easier this week…


There was a pretty big deal made out of Michigan's 59-9 victory over their annual blood sacrifice of a directional Michigan school Central Michigan. It was life altering. Devin Gardner is so much better than Denard (says the fans that were putting Denard up on the alter of legends at this time last year). Oh… never mind the two interceptions that he threw against CMU- those were a couple of mulligans that he won't need over a similar defense in Notre Dame. 

Sorry if I'm not shaking in my camo underwear. I respect a good quarterback, and Gardner appears to be one. Good for him. But, as with all quarterbacks go… how good are his weapons? The Skunkbears had to replace their entire interior line, and really have no proven playmakers on the edge. They have a couple of good running backs, but will they be able to do much on the ground with that young line going against one of the best front seven's in all of college football?

Let that marinate.

What Should You Be Drinking? 

It's FUCK MICHIGAN 40 WEEK y'all. I normally don't push any type of beer on you as that is a very personal decision that every man, woman, and child must make for them self. However… this is MALT LIQUOR SON. I don't care what brand you choose, just make sure it's a 40. If you need some encouragement, here's a pump-up video for you:

What Should You Be Eating?

I think it's fairly obvious this week. I don't have a good recipe for serving up Skunkbear as i like it fresh, warm, and bloody, but I do have a nice one for chicken. Beer Can Chicken- and in honor of the biggest Michigan fan alive, @dadboner, I give you Guy Fieri's Big Bud's Beer Can Chicken:

What Should You Be Wearing? 

We're going hunting for Skunkbears, so obviously you need the right kind of gear to do your most efficient slaying of this insufferable animal (and of course you have one of these underneath it all): 
irish camo

Irish Stew

To strike fear in the hearts and minds of the Notre Dame football team and its fans, the University of Michigan is giving away over 100,000 (bedazz)LED bracelets. Seriously. This is what the Big Ten has come to. 
michigan led bracelets



Shit. I forgot to throw this section in last week. Sorry Temple… I meant no disrespect. One Haiku a week from me, but that doesn't mean THAT YOU CAN'T GET INVOLVED! Throw down your best haiku in the comment section below if you are totally fucking righteous enough. 

Skunkbears crying wolf
Brady Hoke eats a baby
Barbecue, canceled. 

Something Else To Watch For…

Of all of the storylines that we have for this game, the one that has stayed the quietest, is that regardless of how "awesome" Devin Gardner might be,,, who in the hell is he throwing it to? To say Michigan's wide receiver's are a bit underwhelming might also be a bit of an understatement. Now, they still have a lil guy that we all remember running free in 2011 for one play (Jeremy Gallon), but there just isn't that "Michigan" wide receiver that we have seen for the last 20+ years. Will any of them be able to step up? 

Offensive MVP

Amir Carlilse. Although Carlilse had a really nice 45 yard run to start the season and the game off last week, he didn't follow up with any more explosions. I got a hunch that we will see a lot more of Amir this week both running the ball and catching the ball out of the backfield and out of the slot. Look for over 150 yards of all-purpose yardage and at least one touchdown, if not a pair. 

Defensive MVP

Mathias Farley. While a lot of attention will be focused on the battle in the trenches, a guy like Farley will be the one that tips the scales in Notre Dame's favor during that battle. Whether it be lining the secondary up in the correct coverage, coming up against the run, or defending the pass, I look for Farley to be very active and disruptive against this Michigan offense. I'm not sure, exactly how… but if you're a Michigan fan, there will be lots of pain and tears. 

At The End Of The Night…

I'm not surprised that Michigan is favored in this game. I'm also not surprised that people are picking against the Irish. Hell, most of them make a living off of picking against Notre Dame no matter what sense and logic points out. But, sense and logic basically get tossed out in this game every year. It's the nature of the beast. Although I think Michigan is completely outmanned in this matchup, they will still put up a damn good fight. The game will be a lot closer than the score. IRISH WIN 24-13

brady hoke brian kelly
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