Notre Dame To Play At Florida State In 2014

notre dame florida state

According to reports on, the likely replacement for the now canceled Arizona State football game on the 2014 Notre Dame schedule, will be Florida State in Tallahassee. 

While nothing official has come out, and the buzz of the NCAA Basketball National Title game has helped kept this story kind of quiet, this shouldn't come as any real shocker to anyone that recalls the new deal Notre Dame has with the ACC which requires 5 ACC opponents for the Irish a year. Florida State, Pitt, and Syracuse would make up 3 games thus far, with one spot, or even two spots remaining if the Rice game doesn't happen.

I fully expect one, and maybe even two, more ACC games to be announced for the 2014 season. At any rate, the Irish should be up to the full 5 ACC games by 2015 (which already has Syracuse, Pitt, & BC scheduled). 

It will be interesting to see this rumor come to light, and even more interesting to see what other ACC teams might be scheduled for the near future. The whole process might take a lot of flexibility on both parties as well as the possibility of a high profile cancelation. 

It should get interesting in a hurry. 
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