Notre Dame Spring Football Notes & Commentary 4/4

Kind of shaking the dust off of the site right now. In terms of actual, real Notre Dame football news, the headlines- and even the sidebars have been small and underwhelming. I suppose, perhaps, it's the little things that we should all be concentrating on during spring football, because after all, the big things from spring are the ones that we joke about in week 2 of the season because they have absolutely no impact.

This is our curse. Let's discuss…

—> I am more than a little curious about using Ishaq Williams at defensive end. I agree with making the move, but I'm not sure if it's drastic enough. He's doing a cross-training program with Prince Shembo because of the flexibility of the CAT linebacker switching from 3 to 4 man fronts. However, if he is much better moving forward as opposed to backwards and needs to be more aggressive… just line him up, kick him in the ass, and let him fly. I like Okwara filling that #2 spot behind Shembo anyways.

—> Speaking of Romeo Okwara… I loved how impressed Prister & Sampson were with Romeo's body. The kid is pure Godzilla in nature. Honestly, I would like to see more fronts that included Shembo, Tuitt, Nix, Ishaq, Okwara, Grace, and Councell. I don't know how viable that grouping is within a Diaco defense, but it just sounds good to me right now. (Possibly subbing Jaylon Smith for Councell).

—> So, you noticed that I left out Danny Spond. Yeah, I just got this feeling that Spond is more like Kyle McCarthy than a real playmaker. Stable- but we've seen the ceiling. I just feel that there are better options to be had here and options that must be explored.

—> I'm done with hearing anything about "THE SLOT." Seriously. Whatever the 3 best options are at WR- that's who should be on the field, and luckily… that's what it seems like it's trending towards.

—> There is still no clear leader for the Junior Jabbie award. However, if you use all the prerequisites for the award, you can probably put Procise, Robinson, and Onwualu in the lead pack. Sadly, Grace also meets the prerequisite for the award- so cross your fingers. Obviously this award clarifies itself during the spring game, but you should still keep an eye out.

That's about it, really. I wish I knew more about Mahone, Koyack, and Josh Atkinson. No big reasons- I just wish I knew more.

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