Notre Dame’s Firsts In 2013

With only 46 days until Notre Dame kicks off the season at home against Temple, we Irish fans are starting to get a little antsy. It's OK! As I've stated before, we all gotta do what we all gotta do to get through these final weeks- whatever that might be.

However… before you go and rob a bank, beat up a nun, poop on your neighbor's front porch, or whatever else you can think of to pass the time; why don't you sit down and meditate on these questions and give them an answer. Each one has to do with a "first" for the season; who does what, first?

(Don't be an tool. Answer them. My answers are on the right.)

First TD GA3
First Rushing TD GA3
First Receiving TD TJ Jones
First INT Elijah Shumate
First Fumble Amir Carlilse
First Fumble Recovery Carlo Calabrese
First Sack Prince Shembo
First Penalty Chris Watt
First BK Butt Chewing Victim Ryan Grooms
First Heisman in 26 years TOMMY REES Y'ALL

Give it a go…

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