Notre Dame Football In 98 Days

For Notre Dame Football fans, the wait for the start of the 2013 football season is just 98 days away. So, after much debate, prayer, fasting, and hallucinogens, I have decided to breakout the COUNTDOWN MACHINE OF TERROR on Subway Domer.

Obviously, this is not an original thought. Perhaps even more obvious, is that your Emperor & Warlord may accidentally miss a day or two. Whatever. I'm going to try and do this anyways and head down this random rabbit hole that appeared out of nowhere.

These will be very simple posts, but as you can already guess by the image above, some of them may hurt- badly. Or to put it another way… Some of these days are going to be counter traps WITH A GOD DAMN FULLBACK.

Why Syracuse 2008? Despite all of the angst after the BCS title game, the Te'o situation, and some recent news about transfers (or whatever you want to call the Vanderdoes situation); all we need to do, is look at how far the program has come since that game against Syracuse, and we should feel really good about ND, the football program, and the future of both.

C'mon guys… I wasn't going to start this thing on a down note!


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