Notre Dame Football In 93 Days

The debate has been less of a debate and more of a general complaint. The Shirt, you know the one, is generally under scrutiny for its general cheesiness, for being too "busy", and mostly for its change in color each year.

I'm not here to pile on to the obvious. No, my job today is to merely point out what one man's opinion on the matter might be. That one man? Ara.

Never mind that the shirt is green this year, during Ara's birthday. That means nothing. Do you think if the shirt was "flesh" that the student body would have flesh colored frosting on his cake?

I didn't think so.

So I'm just going to assume that Ara wants the shirt to be green every year. And since that is probably the case- how in the hell do you argue with Ara? Ara.

Well, if you must, you could point out that in the 10 seasons that Notre Dame has had a green The Shirt (in one various shade or the other) they are a very mediocre 74-45-2. The best season being in 1992 with a Cotton Bowl win, and the worst was in 2007 with, well… it was very bad.

2010 8-5
2007 3-9
2004 6-6
2003 5-7
2002 10-3
2000 9-3
1996 8-3
1994 6-5-1
1992 10-1-1
1990 9-3

After looking at that chart- are you still inclined to want a green shirt every year? Is Ara wrong? Can god be wrong?

I need a drink.

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