Gunner Kiel To Cincinnati & Davonte Neal To Arizona

Gunner Kiel will enroll at Cincinnati and Davonte Neal enroll at Arizona, thus ending one of the weirdest recruiting duos in Notre Dame football history. We all know the stories about both players and the journey to the dome and their eventual exit from there, so I'll save you the history lesson. 

What we can focus on, is just how Notre Dame and Brian Kelly plans on filling the void of 3 transfers this spring (Ferguson is expected to go to a Florida school). I'm curious as to which players that weren't offered or have a "non-committable" offer in hand are now more serious players. Logic would suggest 3 WR's, if you're looking at it from a pure numbers standpoint.

The recruiting cycle is still very, very early so we may have to wait until mid-summer to start seeing more tangible effects. Until then, good luck to both and keep this in mind if you're a fan of the Rajun Cajuns…

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