Can Rees Put Any Pressure On Golson In 2013?

Last season, Everett Golson settled into the quarterback spot as the clear-cut starter, especially towards the end of the season. However, at the beginning of 2012, Tommy Rees was neck-and-neck with Golson to lead the offense. Now that the Blue-Gold spring game is in the books, can Reese find a way to legitimately get back into the discussion?

Spring games are always hit or miss, but something has to be said about how much better Rees looked when compared to Golson. It seems as though Rees has improved nearly every part of his game. His arm appeared to be stronger as well as more accurate than it was just a few months ago. Most importantly, he showed that he could take care of the ball. After all, that cost him the starting job in the first place.

Golson is still the guy right now, as those who own him in fantasy football will be reassured to know, and even a solid showing in the spring game is not going to be nearly enough to uproot him. Coach Brian Kelly knows that Golson is both the future and the present of Notre Dame football. What Rees’ showing in the spring game proves is that he will get plenty of snaps during the year. They will not share the duties equally by any means, but Rees can work in certain packages. He has a bit more poise in the pocket, which is something that can hopefully rub off on Golson as well. The sophomore will need to step up even more if Notre Dame is going to have any shot at going to another championship game.

Rees appears to be one of those senior leaders who can help off the field as well as on it. Notre Dame will without a doubt count on him to provide value throughout the year, but only an injury would realistically knock Golson out of his starting job at this point.

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