Victory: Notre Dame 29, Pittsburgh 26

Notre Dame won a wild, triple overtime thriller over Pittsburgh 29-26 thanks to a determined team fighting to the very end of the game. 

It wasn't sexy. It wasn't pretty. Hell, it wasn't even that chubby girl at the bar after many rounds of PBR. It was stupid ugly- but it was a win. Call it whatever you want, but I'm calling it DESTINY. 

There were countless times Notre Dame could have just laid down and died, after this feisty and pumped up Pitt team played balls out… but they didn't. The offense continues to be an absolute enigma, but I think far too much will be made of their streaky play on this Saturday.

No, in my opinion, there was more blame to be sent towards every special teams group that we have. It was awful with missed kicks, kick return crapola, crapola of kick coverage, and of course the mythical punt return unit. Paper cuts run deep.

At any rate, Notre Dame gutted another one out and showed its character as a team that will fight the entire game for a victory.

This is getting repetitive. Kind of like this season….


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