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Victory: Notre Dame 22, USC 13 And The Irish Head To The BCS Championship Game

Notre Dame went to the LA Coliseum and beat USC 22-13 in a game where the Irish led the entire time, but with the stakes being as high as they were, it was high drama throughout. In the end, the Fighting Irish won the game, take home the Jeweled Shillelagh, finish the season undefeated, finish the season ranked #1, and punched their ticket to the BCS Championship game in Miami on January 7, 2013. 

I'll dive more into the meat of the game in the Hangover, but for right now, I am sitting here in awe of what has happened this season. Notre Dame is indeed back, and all talk of Notre Dame's supposed irrelevance is, well… irrelevant. Even with the championship game looming in over 40 days, we can all officially say that Notre Dame is back to the elite in the college football world.

Friends, savor this night. Savor every last fucking drop of this night. It was AMAZING. This entire year has been AMAZING. I'm going to celebrate the shit out of this, but before I do, I'm going to leave you with a whole lot of awesome at the end of this post.

Notre Dame is #1 and will be playing for the National Championship. SO FUCKING AWESOME RIGHT NOW YOU GUYS!!!!

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