Victory: Notre Dame 21, Boston College 6

Notre Dame's 21-6 win over Boston College in Chesnut Hill was just more of the same for the now 10-0 Fighting Irish. Winning football games any way possible.

I'm tired of thinking that I have to point out glaring issues, and then simultaneously prop the team up as on of the best teams in the country. I mean, shit… I've been on this bandwagon my whole life- LETS PARTY THIS THING UP!

Seriously. I don't care about style points, and I am just glad the Irish took care of business. It wasn't the easiest task as they fumbled the ball around a few times and racked up some penalty yardage, but it was a victory all the same.

Now, this game will help serve the haters a heaping pile of Hate Us Flakes, as you will see more and more predictions of USC playing spoiler to the national title hopes of the Irish.

Good. I don't really care. Notre Dame had ANOTHER game where they didn't allow a touchdown, and Everett Golson played very, very well. And that's just what this team does. They win with great defense, a running game, and help via the quarterback not making mistakes.

I'll take that recipe for a 12-0 season. 10-0 and staring down 11-0 with Wake Forest coming to town. Start the FIST PUMPS IN THE SIGN OF THE CROSS YOU GUYS! This is really happening.

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