Victory: Notre Dame 20, Stanford 13

notre dame stanford

Notre Dame, led by a stout and hungry defense, beat the Stanford Cardinal 20-13 in a thrilling overtime win at Notre Dame Stadium. After a day that saw all of the pageantry and hype that a game at Notre Dame with ESPN's College Gameday providing even more octane, the game itself lived up to the hype.

How could it not. This was billed as a "smashmouth," "physical," and "defensive struggle" type of game, and it certainly was in fact all of those things. 

There are many, many things that we can take away from this game but the biggest thing that I am taking away is that this Irish defense has still not allowed a touchdown in FOUR GAMES. That is absolutely amazing. 16 quarters + 1 overtime period have gone by and the Irish defense has defended their ground like holy warriors protecting it's sacred shrine. Death first, before the infidels can even touch the glory.

I call bullshit on the so called "controversy" on the goaline. It's called forward progress. It was stopped, and Taylor's elbow was down- AND BOO HOO… cry about it to a different fanbase that didn't suffer the Bush Push the last time Gameday was in town.

I'll have much more, and an actual Hangover post in a day or so, but until then, maybe you should just consider the fact that this Notre Dame team could very well be a team of destiny. Holy Warriors, led by Manti Te'o and everyone of them ready to lay down their life for victory. After all, victory at Notre Dame is more than just a fleeting moment, it's immortal. 

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