Twittermania: The Weekly Top 10 #NDFB Tweets 9/12/12


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This is a contest, but there are no prizes to be had. I mean, how do you hand over a fat bottle of brewed glory to someone? You don't, as it just appears from somewhere where that type of stuff is made. You can find the rankings here, or at the top of the page in the "TWITTERMANIA" tab. 

This week: I launched the Subway Domer ladies line, Purdue went down, and the ACC just happened. This is a little messy, and definitly over the allotted "10" but what did you expect from your Emperor? 


TWITTERMANIA: The Weekly Top 10 #NDFB Tweets

The best tweets to come across the @TheSubwayDomer Twitter timeline.

Storified by The Subway Domer · Wed, Sep 12 2012 12:18:05

@TheSubwayDomer SD Lingerie™philly kelly
@TheSubwayDomer Oh thank God! The Subway Domer: First you could ride it, now you can wear it!Molly
This happened. You may purchase through the link on the website. Subway Domer: The Sexiest Notre Dame Blog On The Planet. 
Scene: a drunk/belligerent @NDEddieMac sitting, cuffed, screaming, "BUT I HAVE A PRINTED ARTICLE IN MY BACK POCKET YOU A-HOLES!"Jesse
@HLS_NDtex #TakeAKegStaNDJordan Gamble
When we finally get a jumbotron, we can have a in-game video segment called the "staND cam" #jumbotrollNDJesse
Irish fans who hated Crazy Train are gonna shit bricks tomorrow when the loudspeakers blast Ludacris’ "StaND Up" on every 3rd down.Nina
When Jack Swarbrick asks you to stand the fuck up- you tweet that you will stand the fuck up.
Refs saying they reset the play clock. Brian Kelly: "BULLSHIT" #DontEverChangeNDtex
Stephon Tuitt gets all of his sacks with one arm because it is actually illegal for him to use two. Unfair to the QBs.Chris W.
The only actual tweets from the game. This number will increase next week and beyond. Bite me if you ain’t down.
@oaknd1 I’ve seen it with an h too. Our three QBs: Gholston, Reese, Hendricks.Josh Flynt
God bless the ignorant.
Listen, ND. I was raised Catholic, too. Halfway in counts.edsbs
@Mengus22 Don’t talk about the Luke Harangody era like it didn’t matter!Adam Jacobi
If this was a rap battle with the Big10, Notre Dame just dropped the mic and walked off.Nina
So @TheSubwayDomer gets into the press box and less than a week later, we’re partially joining the ACC?!?Steve G
"Got that Vatican money we straight stay stackin’ that paper." – Jack Swarbrick, Notre Dame ADChili
nd’s move to the acc from coach k’s perspective. #goaccebj
It’s entirely unfair to the rest of CFB, but it’s still good to be ND.Matt Q.

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