Twittermania: The Weekly Top 10 #NDFB Tweets 8/28/12


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This is a contest, but there are no prizes to be had. I mean, how do you hand over a fat bottle of brewed glory to someone? You don't, as it just appears from somewhere where that type of stuff is made. You can find the rankings here, or at the top of the page in the "TWITTERMANIA" tab. 

This week: GOLSON, WEED, & other such things. Helloooo regular season!

On to the tweets…

TWITTERMANIA: The Weekly Top 10 #NDFB Tweets

The best tweets to come across the @TheSubway Domer Twitter timeline.

Storified by The Subway Domer · Mon, Aug 27 2012 18:18:42

@PootND why don’t you tweet your cell number so anyone can call and ask why you left?Jesse
Yes, we begin this edition by trolling the reigning champ & former HLS writer about his abrupt firing from HLS. 
When I introduce people in real life I now introduce them as their Twitter handle.JVH
Can’t agree more. I think we should all wear t-shirts with our handles on them- all the time. #future
Can you buy bottles of Goldschlager in Ireland, and would you be arrested for drinking said bottle in the streets? Asking for a friend…Nina
Honestly, I never even considered that someone could get arrested in Ireland for drinking. Isn’t it the opposite?
So if ND makes a BCS run, does that cop get a ring?GB
At least a membership to the Jelly of the Month club.
BLUE AND GOLSON!Ty Hildenbrandt
So we have a starting QB named Everett, a starting corner from Everett, Washington and a OL commit from Everett, Massachusetts. InterestingKevin Burke
Golson was named the starting quarterback. I could have used about 100 tweets in this respect… I chose two.
Key to grilling bacon is cooking it all at 1 time. Which is being done. My outside smells like bacon. I’m air freshening my whole outdoors.Michael Felder
is this the year marijuana wins the Heisman Trophy?GB
Maxwell Award goes to Bath Salt.
I didn’t know Cierre Wood had glaucomaTodd Peterson
Really? Check out those glasses he wears son!
Sure, it was incomprehensible to most laypeople, but I still say Notre Dame football should go back to playing strictly in Latin.sir broosk
We’re looking at you Rock’s House.

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