Twittermania: The weekly Top 10 #NDFB Tweets 11/2/12


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This week: I reach deep in my soul and grind out this post late as fuck. Eat me. It'sd been a shit week. Drinking heavily at this point so whatever. Enjoty:

TWITTERMANIA: The Weekly Top 10 #NDFB Tweets 11/2/12

The best tweets to come across the @TheSubwayDomer Twitter timeline.

Storified by The Subway Domer · Fri, Nov 02 2012 18:14:43

First impression of Norman? Pickup trucks per capita here is off the charts.Irish Illustrated
Gameday sign tweets are ON a first seen, points given basis. So shut the fuck up about FIRST
Here it is. RT @bubbaprog: Notre Dame is *probably* going to lose. #gamedayAdam Kramer
"I DD for Tommy Rees." Ennis
Just learned more details about the sledge hammer that the team carries on the sideline – turns out Shembo is a Peter Gabriel fan. #NDFBJesse
Tennessee now irrelevant as per Herbstreit.oak
vince vaughn comes to nd for the guest pick on gameday.. oklahoma gets a drummer from a band no one listens to? #suckstosuckkatie kelley
I’ve heard the ND band play and am currently listening to bagpipes while drinking beer in the middle of Oklahoma. Good times.NDtex
So this is happening:
Tex has invaded!
Instant Upload: Manti Teo DESTROYS Landry Jones: HEISMAN HIGHLIGHT SACK: via @DNDFBF #goIrish BOOOOOOM #NotreDameKnute School
Manti just folded the Landry (I’ll stop recycling that joke)Jesse
When you’ve got a defense that’s itching to get back ON the field to close a game out, you’ve got a winner.Michael Felder
I love everybody!JVH
They’re piling on folks. This is beautiful. Maybe this will make Stoops rethink his "throw it 45+ times a game" strategy.Michael Felder
Alabama-Notre Dame will have more old white people droning on about history than a Ken Burns wet dream.sir broosk
Someone slow down that BK wink and throw some Barry White behind it.Nina
Did you see that grin on jack swarbrick? That was almost as awesome as te’o’s hit on jones.oak
Dear PhillyKelly, Thanks.
Stills kelly
God damn, I love college football. Good show student body.
It’s 4:30 am. Awesome scene as students meet us back at the Gug. You guys are the best, @LepLegion. Dame Football
I just woke up, in my dream, me and Manti Te’o were best friends and were kayaking together. I’m sad this is not true.philly kelly
Herbstreit thinks Oregon is the second best team in terms of ability. But did they win impressively at KSU with Gohlston this last weekend?oak
Bitch I might be. 20 beer Tuesday is done. Now I’m going to get a little work done. Felder
This tweet is unbelievably awesome for many, many reason. <3 u so much Felder.
Explaining the seasons to my kids: Xmas is in winter, Easter is in spring, 4th of July is in summer, and ND Football is in fall. #GoIrishJVH
Hurricane Sandy has been STOPPED in the Midwest by a familiar face:

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