Twittermania: The weekly Top 10 #NDFB Tweets 10/1/12


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This is a contest, but there are no prizes to be had. I mean, how do you hand over a fat bottle of brewed glory to someone? You don't, as it just appearsppears from somewhere where that type of stuff is made. You can find the rankings here, or at the top of the page in the "TWITTERMANIA" tab. 

This week: All the rules are thrown out of the window like a molatov cocktail destined for the ass of Sebastion the Ibis. All of the scoring updates are well… updated. Getting this out of the way a bit early this week as it has been like the entire staff (Your Pharoah included) has been on strike. We are ready to roll son!

On to the tweets:

TWITTERMANIA: The Weekly Top 10 #NDFB Tweets

The best tweets to come across the @TheSubwayDomer Twitter timeline.

Storified by The Subway Domer · Mon, Oct 01 2012 19:20:37

The ND bookstore has "official" lei’s in sale for only $299 eachBilly D
That’s cheap!
@TheSubwayDomer I told him all indications are you are fun, so I would ask.philly kelly
I can see how this could be took out of context. The moral of the story is that I’m awesome. Point served.
Lessons for glory seekers:
@TheSubwayDomer @dapremonster just talk beers, football, pole dancing and SD Lingerie™. Then throw some flattery in for good measure.philly kelly
@TheSubwayDomer Stripper thongs beer Irish football WuTang #MichiganSucks #AnnArborIsAWhoreRyan Dapremont
RT if you never pee on the side of the bowl because it’s quieter and quiet peeing is for mark ass bitchesChili
Follow this man!
Are there any local farms around south bend Indiana I would love to help participate In the everyday activitiesstephon tuitt
Stephon Tuitt is becoming LEGEND.
You know, it was actually kind of Michigan idiots to put their banner up at ND Stadium. Denard is going to need a burial shroud.NDtex
@McMurphyESPN Even Notre Dame is in on the act! (Totally real, I swear.) Q.
Best description so far: "On-field hash tags are the tramp stamp of college football"Brett McMurphy
Just set up my appointment for a tattoo.
Lunch with my parents. I’m so fortunate to live close to their grandson and Notre Dame Football so I can see them on visits.oak
If you are a Notre Dame fan who has complained about the music in the stadium then I don’t like you and you should go root for Michigan.JVH
Michigan is constantly used as a scare tactic to keep talented Canadians from immigrating to the USA. #MichiganFactsMatt Q.
Look what I found in Downtown Chicago. #HereComeTheIrish #GoIrish Burke
Great motherly advice….
Desmond Howard sacrifices baby animals to SatanNDEddieMac
I worry about the ND home crowd’s inexperience with night games.Matt Q.
It’s Directional Michiganmas!Holly
KU just went for it on 4th and 18 from NIU territory, up 3. I see you Charlie Weis.Mike McFarland
I want to have Fox’s hair.Leanor
The Everett Golson facemask set up that whole defensive stand.Brian Dascenzo
I hate everything abt this feeling right nowD
Might be a long season for this guy and well, all of us. SO MUCH ON THE LINE Y’ALL!
This brought tears to my eyes! The two beams of light! My guardian angels!!! I miss you!! #574L Te’o
When we make Te’o’s statue, it should be this. 
Down 27, Hawaii tries a fake punt for the same reason some people take a swing at a cop – because fuck it.sir broosk
@thesubwaydomer figured you inspire staff awe/fear/loyalty with Putin strategy: publish pics of you shirtless / performing feats of strengthGarrett Kuk
@A5thDown I feel like "Growing With Golson" could be the name of a critically acclaimed film that won the palm d’or @keitharnoldnbcJesse
What the hell are all these f-bombs doing on my timeli….oh. Hey @TheSubwayDomer. Welcome back.Jack Swarbrick
Hello motherfuckers.

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