Twittermania: All Hail Poot, King Of Bullshit

The madness is over. Poot is your Twittermania Champion, version 1.0. The top 10 ended up looking like this:

  1. @PootND 
  2. @mquirion
  3. @oaknd1
  4. @HLS_NDtex
  5. @InTheBleachers
  6. @NDEddieMac
  7. @tricerapops
  8. @celebrityhottub
  9. @HLS_Biscuit
  10. @RakesOfMallow

Full rankings can be found in the tab above.

Twittermania 1.2 will begin in a couple of weeks. Definitely going to stick with the “Top 10” theme (at some point I’ll change the banner), but as always; special posts will be awarded points with tweets in them. Until then…

Poot is truly a Prince of the Universe. 

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