The Wake Forest Hangover

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This weeks Hangover after Notre Dame's 38-0 victory over Wake Forest, and the rise to Number One in the BCS rankings after a perfect Saturday night- it's a little sweet. So sweet, in fact, that the hangover will be very brief.

I think we all just want to move on and focus on burning Troy right down to the fucking ground. Am I right?

Right. So lets wrap this up…

The Top 5

1. Carlo Calabrese. Carlo played one hell of a senior day and led the team in tackles. He also had a vicious hit on a Josh Harris that caused a fumble. Te'o gets a ton of love, and rightfully so, but Calabrese & Fox have been almost equally as dominant on the other side.

2. Cierre Wood. I wasn't the only one to call it, but I did say Wood would get 10-12 carries and over a hundred yards with a couple of scores. As it turned out, Cierre tallied 11 carries for 150 yards- but only one TD. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU CIERRE???!!!! Seriously though, that was a great day for another great senior.

3. Brian Kelly. I don't think I ever give Kelly enough credit for what has happened this season. After 11 games, the Irish are undefeated and #1 in the country. There's a reason for all of that… Brian Kelly. His coaching, direction, and propaganda like messages to this team have kept the Irish moving forward and are now in striking distance of Notre Dame's 12th National Title & the first in over 20 years. There just might be something to that 3rd year after all.

4. Tyler Eifert. Eifert has been a rock on this offense all season long- even when asked to do a lot more blocking than route running. Despite that, Tyler had a big game with 6 receptions and a touchdown. Those receptions gave Eifert 130 for his career and broke an over 30 year record held by Ken MacAfee.

5. Everett Golson. Golson competed 66% of his passes to 8 different receivers for 346 yards and 3 touchdowns. Two of those touchdowns were real beauties; a 50 harder to John Goodman & a 34 yards to TJ Jones. It was Golson's finest day as a passer at Notre Dame and a foretaste of the feast to come.


This is a massive multitudinous headbutt going out to all the seniors & fifth year seniors. Thank you for bringing Notre Dame football back. Thank you for staying the course and believing that something great can come from hard work and doing things the right way. Thank you.

Swift Kick To The Nuts

This is another massive multitudinous event. This goes out to all the motherfucking bastard haters out there. Notre Dame is undefeated and ranked number ONE, yet many, many assholes continue to try and blast this team. Here's the kick to your nuts and a thank-you to go with it. Keep feeding these Irish players the motivation to keep winning- JUST AS THEY HAVE DONE IN EVERY SINGLE GAME THIS YEAR.

Final Thoughts

I don't have much to offer other than this fine image from Jeff Peters AKA Rocketsan on Domer Domain. LEEEEHHHHHGGGGGGOOOOOO!!!!!!

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The Wake Forest Hangover

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This is not a normal Hangover, but then again; when has it been this season? If you want to know my opinion of the Wake Forest game, I suppose I can offer these quick points:

  • A win on the road against a team you have never played before is always good- no matter how it was won.
  • And to be honest, after mulling over it a bit, I loved the way we played. The guys played tough, balls out football. It should be evident in the amount of players that played tough, running out the clock on the ground to end the game, and coming back from being down at halftime.
  • Although there was a long list of players deserving of some headbutts, Mike Golic Jr. tops the list. Great play coming off the bench.
  • The ESPN announcers were shit. Plain, stinky, horrible dog shit. Fuck you Ed.
  • Brian Kelly was justified in his post game press conference when he completely slammed a reporters question about the passing game. Kelly was only concerned with the “W” at that point, and Pete Sampson of Irish Illustrated said it best when he said, “some in the media were tone deaf as to what Brian Kelly was saying.” Damn right.

And I’ll kind of leave it at that. This has been a very busy week of news with the Shamrock Series dropping bombs, and the Penn State tragedy. It’s been difficult to not lose myself on a mission to know more, and when that happens; I just don’t have the time for other things.

At any rate, falling behind can only mean one thing… PODCAST!!!! Look for a podcast tomorrow morning. I’ll be discussing all topics. If you have a question or a subject that you want me to tackle, send them to me via Twitter @TheSubwayDomer with the hashtag #SubwayDomerPodcast I try to accommodate as many as possible.


The Subway Domer

About The Subway Domer

Warlord and Emperor of the Subway Alumni... also, I do this "dad" thing pretty damn well.