The Anti-Preview: PITT. November 3, 2012


Yes, yes, yes… the Anti-Preview for Notre Dame and Pitt is late as fuck. Oh well. It was kind of a shit week for your emperor and possibly could get much, much worse. As I sit down at 10 PM on this Friday night and write this shit out, I can at least say I'm pretty damn drunk- so this may or may not get interesting. Tolerance is both a sin and a curse. 

What's not a curse is this amazing season for the Fighting Irish. 8-0  motherfuckers. After 3 years, the Brian Kelly era is shaping up to be pretty historic. Regardless of the outcome this season sans disaster- we can all agree that the program is finally heading into the right direction, on the right horse, with the right fucking map and with our bitch riding in back. No offense to the ladies.

Still, the Irish have 3 opponents to lay to waste BIBLICAL STYLE. That's right. Break out the fucking locusts, famine, and the first born male sons to be sacrificed. This shit needs to get ugly and serve purpose as THE MESSAGE  to the remaining doubters. VADE RETRO SATANA!

Bring forth PITT to be thrown in, uhh… the fucking PIT OF DESPAIR…


I'm not sure if i should scratch my head, or laugh my balls out over the season that Pitt has put out there. After starting the season 0-2 with blowout losses to both FCS Youngstown State and Cincinatti, Pitt goes on a two game winning streak with blowout wins over Virginia Tech and FCS Gardner-Webb, and then the motherfucjers lose another two games- but this time a wee bit closer against Syracuse & Louisville. 

Fear not fans of Odion Panthers- you are on another 2 GAE WINNING STREAK- AGAINST THE MAC.

blah, blah, dee fucking blah. 

UGH. I really don't understand what this team is doing. Acid? Perhaps, but they could be dangerous- but they are not. Alas, they are a bit mischevious and will bring everything they got. Seriously people. Pitt has bail money.

What Should You Be Drinking? 

I'm not going to get fancy with this. When you're 8-0 and want to just fucking win with a middle finger hanging out your window, you just fall back on anything reliable. Take a tip from me, from tonight… find your booze. Get a glass. Fill it with ice. Fill with booze. Repaeat as neccesary.

What Should You Be Eating? 

Because NO one will probably read this shit or care to make anything I suggest… Here you go. Personally, I find it fitting for Pitt. Maybe that's because I'm a poet or maybe it's because I'm a psycho. Either way. Yum.

Irish Stew

Call me crazy, but i just don't think that we will need the sprinklers this time around. Weis is in Kansas, and we lost that shit anyways.


Normally I would put a few player tweets up in here. Naw… This week, I will give you a bit of my own flavor from last week. Just imagine what might happen if we keep winning…


That was fun, wasn't it?…

Offensive MVP

DaVaris Daniels. Call me a crazy ass drunk SOB, but something is just pulling me in his direction. That dude plays hard as fuck and if you pay attention to him just a bit, you can really see that he WANTS this. Pitt is going to be the breakout game for a guy that we have all been backing since this spring. Go get 'em Davaris! Over a hundy in yards and a couple TD's. MARK IT DOWN. 

Defensive MVP

Dan Fox. Don't ask me for any reasoning here. Is there reason in the fact that his hair is utterly amazing. I mean- JUST LOOK AT THE AWESOMENESS THAT IS DAN FOX'S HAIR.!!!!! Dude is getting better and better and I love the Ohio peeps. Betting he has close to 10 tackles and a turnover of some type. 

Something Else To Watch For

This has absolutely nothing to do with the Pitt game directly. Indirectly, it has EVERYTHING to do with the season. Pay close attention to the Oregon vs U$C game & the Kansas State vs Oklahoma State game. BCS y'all. Shit's a killer.

Let's just hope something like this doesn't happen:

At The End Of The Day

I can't lie. I don't know an enormous amount about Pitt, and i don't care. I have seen enough of them this year to be unimpressed and amazingly not scared- even with so much on the line now. IRISH WIN 38-6. I have no reasons to give other than O'Doyle rules BITCHES!
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