The Anti-Preview: Boston College. November 10, 2012

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Welcome to the Anti-Preview on Subway Domer. Friends, we almost witnessed a complete derailment of the season last week against Pitt. Totally serious you guys- we can't fuck this up. This season has been one hell of a ride, and unfortunately for myself, a lot of you, and the media, we may have took the start of this season for granted. For real. Even at 4-0 and 5-0, I think a lot of people thought ND would fall on their face soon enough. 

Well, Notre Dame didn't, and despite ample opportunities to do so, the Fighting Irish have lived up to their name and have fought, and clawed, and bled, and scratched, and kicked, and basically have refused to die. Notre Dame is 9-0, in the National Title debate, and has a Heisman candidate at linebacker. Still, there are those who under appreciate these facts and are ready to put this team to bed- even if they finish the season 12-0.

Well I say FUCK THAT SHIT BITCH. We rollin' and have 3 games to make a statement. It starts with…

boston college notre dameBoston College

The Eagles are a desperate team. Boston College has been known throughout the years as a team that can run the football, and provide a stout defense. This season, the Eagles have chosen a different path. BC ranks dead last in the country in rushing yards per game at almost 75 yards a game and they are giving up over 30 points a game. This is not a recipe for success as the 2007 Notre Dame team can attest to. 

Look, this is not 1993 or 2002- shit, this game isn't even in Notre Dame stadium as those two games were. There is NO upset alert and frankly, if the Irish don't pound the dog shit out of Boston College on Saturday, I will have a hard time trying to convince myself that Notre Dame deserves to be one of the top 2 teams in the country. 

boston tea hardyWhat Should You Be Drinking?

We're in Boston. Now, some of you may have the urge to go out and drink up some Samuel Adams Cornucopia Of All Fuck NOT named Pabst Blue Ribbon. I understand your glee. Kind of, but not really. 

You can get in the spirit of Boston if you like, but do it like a real man. Get dressed up like an Indian and pour yourself a drink worthy of the American Revolution.

Boston Tea Hardy

1 1/4 oz. Dark Rum
3 oz. Iced Tea
3 oz. Orange Juice

Shake with ice and strain over ice cubes into a highball glass. Garnish with an orange slice and a mint sprig to be all fancy and shit.

What Should You Be Eating?

In keeping with the New England / Boston theme, WE BE EATING OYSTERS Y'ALL! However you like them, go to town and kill 'em. Here's a way to make Oysters Rockefeller:

Irish Stew

Students of Notre Dame… Boston College is beating your ass. What the hell? 


everett golsonOffensive MVP

Everett Golson. I have have been somewhat shy in placing Mr. Golson (PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE SPELLING) underneath this spotlight. Golson is a redshirt freshman and this season has been the very definition of a "roller coaster ride." At least with his play, as the Irish have won every game he has played in, and even one that he didn't.

With Boston College's poor rush defense, and Brian Kelly's affinity to just RUN THE DAMN BALL and win… this may be a tough prophesy. However, I think Kelly lets Golson be Golson and whether it be running the ball or throwing it, he's going to have a HUGE game. 

manti te'oDefensive MVP

Manti Te'o. This is not a huge surprise as the pick. However, I was debating the other obvious candidates in Tuitt & Shembo. The Heisman race has me seeing in super hero tunnel vision. Manti has took a bit of a hit in the Heisman race and will need some serious numbers and impact plays to stay in the thick of it all. Impact plays are hard to come by against teams like Boston College & Wake Forest. It is going to have to be total fucking domination.

Manti is certainly capable of making those plays and taking over the game defensively, but will he? Yup. He will.

Something Else To Watch For

I was going to spew some shit about our receivers and blah, blah, blah… I just thought this was better "blogging" for y'all:

ireland trophy

Bragging Rights

This is the only rivalry game in existence, that I have heard of, that contains two trophies to the winner. The one depicted on the top right is called The Ireland Trophy. It was created by the Notre Dame Student Government as a sign of goodwill and sportsmanship. The second is called The Frank Leahy Memorial Bowl and is shown hoisted in the air on the bottom right.

frank leahy memorial bowl

This second trophy gives this game one of its unofficial names- The Leahy Bowl. (The game is also known as "The Holy War", "The Vatican Bowl", & the "Jesuit Invitational") The Leahy Memorial Bowl is named as such after legendary Notre Dame and Boston College coach Frank Leahy. Frank coached Boston College during the 1939 and 1940 seasons leading the Jesuits to a 20-2 record before getting the call to come back to his alma mater, Notre Dame.

The all-time series is in Notre Dame's favor at 12-9 after the Irish have struggled with it's annoying cousin for most of the 2000's. There was talk of the series ending soon, but it appears that both administrations want the only 2 Catholic major football programs playing each year- so it goes on.

At The End Of The Night

Notre Dame knows that they need to make a statement, even if it won't help them in the rankings much. Why? Because it won't hurt them. Oddly enough, the Irish have played much, much better on the road than they do at home, and I don't see how that changes much. IRISH win 41-6
touchdown jesus


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