Subway Domer Podcast: The Sparty Hangover

notre dame footballNotre Dame's 20-3 victory over Michigan State was a physical statement to the rest of college football… the Irish are coming- and they want to rip out your beating heart.

More so than at anytime in the past 1/2 decade, we can point to something legitimate and say, "there." There is the game that proves the ND Head Coach is blowing smoke up my ass. The talk about developing a "toughness" and concentrating on defense is finally showing its colors proud and loud.

I'm pumped- and you should be too. 

The podcast will be available on iTunes in just a little bit, and in case you were wondering… there is a tab at the top of this page that says, "PODCASTS." That will have almost all of the SD Podcasts archived. 

The media player is available after the jump. GO IRISH!

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