SHAMROCK MELTDOWN: The Twitter Reaction To Notre Dame’s Uniforms

Check out the wonderful insanity of the Twitter world after Notre Dame and Adidas unveiled the Shamrock Series uniforms for Notre Dame's game against Miami at Soldier Field in Chicago.


Twitter reacts to the unveiling of Notre Dame’s Shamrock Series uniforms.

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Based on the quasi-desperate makeover(s), is it time to dub ’12 Notre Dame football "Crazy, Stupid Irish"?John Walters
Oh, I see Notre Dame has new Shamrock Series unis. Huh. How about that.Adam Jacobi
@jdubs88 it’s a uniform for 1 game…that’s it.Steve G
Haters gon HateHead & Shoulderpads
Because seriously, beyond the pant stripe, the helmet is really the only other thing I think you can hate in all honesty.NDtex
Dear Adidas. You’re shitting us, right? Baby Jesus weeps. So does his Mom on top of the Dome. #irishfug S
Notre Dame uni for Oct. 6 game vs. Miami is crrrrraaaazzzzyyy! Lukas
@jdubs88 just saying calling it quasi desperate when they announced they were doing it for every Shamrock Series is a lil over the topSteve G
Amen to that. RT @NDatRivals Bottom line about the uniforms, they’re for teenagers and college kids, not 40-year old dads. So settle down.One Foot Down
@125NDFB Media day officially over. Kelly
“@HLS_NDtex: My take on the new look RT @herloyalsons New HLS! : Shamrock Series Uniforms Revealed" not sure I agreeThe Biscuit
U know what? I love the socks. No, seriously. Those, I dig. Have u seen? RG3 probably wants a pair, too.John Walters
Notre Dame new jersey for Miami game is WORST thing Ive seen in a loooong time. Helmet matches. WOWMike Valenti
Adidas and Nike: turning 20 to 30 year bloggers into fashion critics since the mid 2000’sSteve G
RT @MikeValenti971: Notre Dame new jersey for Miami game is WORST thing Ive seen in a loooong time. Helmet matches. WOW> APPLESAUCE!!!!The Subway Domer
Wow Notre Dame. Tradition was pretty much all you had going for you, and you up and tossed that right out the window!Jonathan Thoma
The non-ND part of my feed reacting to the unis was even funnier than the ND folkNDEddieMac
First thought on ND uniforms vs Miami: Look like Maryland, play like Maryland?Pat Forde
Can’t Notre Dame just dress up Brian Kelly like Moose Krause and call that an alternate uniform?John Walters
@jdubs88 I agree. Winning trumps all. But this is football and supposed to be fun. Why can’t they mess with stuff for 1 game and have fun?Steve G
You can argue Notre Dame’s relevance on the field if you want, but when it comes to terrible unis it doesn’t get much more relevant than ND.Tom Fornelli
Look at these helmets. This is Notre Dame. My god, look at them. Hinton
Guys, after seeing the new ND unis, Ty has decided to quit CFB. Let me know if any of you want to start co-hosting.The Solid Verbal
Notre Dame coach ‏@CoachBrianKelly: Our #ShamrockSeries uniforms (more: #irishAP_Top25
@TheSubwayDomer my wife has gone on record that she likes the Soldier Field unis.Head & Shoulderpads
Looks like @adidasUS just replaced @ReillyRick as the subject of Notre Dame fans extreme displeasure.Anita S
@jdubs88 Chicken or Egg argument. We don’t have Ws, how do we get them? Good players. What do they want? Lots of free shit = multiple unis.Chest Rockwell
Crazy how some people don’t like the new #NotreDame uniforms for the Miami game. I like the change up. #NDFB #Irish #NotreDame @UND_comPhillip Daniels
These helmets are the most hideous thing in the history of Notre Dame, and I’m including Quasimodo: Siedell
Seriously, I thought ND’s unis were going to have shamrocks and dumb shit like that, so this ain’t that bad.BurritoBrosShits
@duckhook7 A full scholarship to a top-20 academic institution is "lotsa free shit." I want players who are mature enuf to see that.John Walters
Miami gonna look damn stupid when they get beat by a team dressed like that though.BurritoBrosShits
Not sure how to feel when @BurritoBrosShit is making the most sense re: the uniformsSteve G
RT @11W: Tears. So yummy. RT @mgoblog The Nation does not disappoint in re: ND uniforms.…Steve G
Oh God…Ty Hildenbrandt
Unveiling of special Shamrock Series leisure suits to be worn by media will be held later this week.Bob Wieneke
I can’t speak.Ty Hildenbrandt
NDNation would prefer the team didn’t wear face masks. Or get the measles vaccine. #traditionsir broosk
"Grandfather, why are all uniforms just grey with numbers now?" "Well Johnny, there once was this company called Adidas."Adam Kramer
So, does ND no longer have a deal with Macgregor? #$$$teamcatlab
Hey guys, remember how much we talked about last year’s Shamrock Series helmet after the game was done? Oh wait…NDtex
"it won’t even feel like I’m watching Notre Dame" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOBurritoBrosShits
Were these uniforms some kind of Project Runway challenge?Ty Hildenbrandt
This is the uniform equivalent of Freakbass.Ty Hildenbrandt
Our new jerseys are sooo tight!! #shamrockseriesStonnie Ranley
Most amazing thing from today? KLM is the only one to intercept a Golson pass. Forget the uni’s for a sec & dwell on that shit. #NDFBThe Subway Domer
The target demographic –> RT @JGolic88 #ShamrockSeries Uniforms are insanely good looking. Get outta town if u disagree!NDtex
Sometimes the only proper response is MS Paint. #Echoes #ND #farts
@jdubs88 @pootnd of course! Just win! Why hasn’t anyone thought of that before? — sorry to jump in, but "just win" bugs the shit out of me.Sprout
@TheSubwayDomer I just don’t understand why people can’t get into this #NDFB Alternate Jersey thing. THESE ARE TIGHT! & Shoulderpads

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