Notre Dame Stadium According To Michael Bay & Katy Perry

This is what happens when you spend a little too much time on Twitter. Whole worlds collide and the book of Revelations looks like a children’s bedtime story:

Bay-Perry Stadium In South Bend

If Michael Bay and Katy Perry had a baby, the baby would be Notre Dame Stadium- IN 3D!!!

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Michigan to Paint #GOBLUE Hashtag on Field for Mott Spring Game Football
I’m OK with hashtags on the field in #NDFB Stadium, just as long as it’s #FUCKMICHIGAN or even a #BlowMeLaneThe Subway Domer
@TheSubwayDomer and at the 50 we have an enlarged headshot of purple-faced KellyNDtex
RT @HLS_NDtex: @TheSubwayDomer and at the 50 we have an enlarged headshot of purple-faced Kelly> The endzones could be my Twitter avi. #OMGZThe Subway Domer
@TheSubwayDomer only if the endzones are jumbotrons covered by clear fieldturf projecting your avatar in .gif formNDtex
@HLS_NDtex That could work but… I really want metallic gold fieldturf you guys.The Subway Domer
@TheSubwayDomer there are still a 100 more yards of field in which to play withNDtex
@TheSubwayDomer Black jerseys would look interesting on a gold field though…NDtex
@HLS_NDtex If Michael Bay and Katy Perry had a baby- that’s what I want ND Stadium to look like.The Subway Domer
@TheSubwayDomer huge exploding tits?NDtex
@HLS_NDtex Don’t forget to zoom out with dramatic tonesThe Subway Domer
@TheSubwayDomer and ruin our favorite childhood memories? Wait a second…ND FOOTBALL IS ALREADY DOING THAT. SON OF A BITCH #BlameBayNDtex
@HLS_NDtex But yes, huge exploding tits shooting out rainbows, unicorns, gold turf, and massive sun-blocking jumbotronsThe Subway Domer
@HLS_NDtex dung dung dunnnnggg…. Only one man can save ND Stadium, and his name is……ELLLLLL KABOOOOOOONNNGGGGGG #pERRYbAYfIELDThe Subway Domer
@TheSubwayDomer and is sidekick ACross?NDtex
@HLS_NDtex ACross was, sadly, found in an abandoned warehouse completely catatonic with a 15" dildo up his ass.The Subway Domer
@TheSubwayDomer we need to send a script to Bay. This is right up his alley.NDtex
@TheSubwayDomer I also heard the team will take the field by walking through the mouth of a giant inflatable leprechaun.GB
@okerland With huge clouds of green smoke. Don’t forget the green smoke.The Subway Domer
@TheSubwayDomer from his nose, ears or both?GB
RT @Gr8Shane: @TheSubwayDomer blue tits gold tips. #guaranteedvictorythatdayThe Subway Domer
@okerland ALL THE HOLESThe Subway Domer

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