Making Tough Choices

As some of you may have noticed over the past few weeks on Subway Domer and on the Twitter, I have been fairly quiet, late, short, and damn near a wallflower. If you have been following this site for some time, you know that this is very unusual- especially during the season. 

Almost a year and a half ago my son was born. The lovely Princess Olivia was already 2, and here comes my heir to the throne, Prince Victor. Victor spent his first month in the NICU and during that time I was unsure if i would ever return to blogging at the rate I had always done. Two kids are certainly ore of a handful than one.

As it turned out, I continued at my normal pace once the season began, added to the staff roster, and never looked back.

That is, until now. Over the past few weeks I have seriously contemplated retiring from this little adventure. Time management has never been one of my strong suits and frankly, I kept feeling like i was missing out on something with my family, or just plain ignoring some of my duties as a 34 year old homeowner, husband, and father. I'm not saying that I was being an awful parent or husband, but I felt bad about not doing a few extra things for my family in my free time.

So, I made the decision to retire- basically this week. I let a few people know what might happen and  was all set to walk away from this whole thing. Of course, I have quite a few other reasons for that decision, but my ego won't let me divulge all of that here and now.

After all of that decision-making and thinking, I finally tell my wife, where I was immediately shot down. Seriously folks, the Queen vetoed my decision to retire. She alleviated most of my concerns as being neurotic, although she does wish that I would clean the barn out again. She couldn't understand why I wanted to walk away from something I had built (with much help, of course) and especially after a pretty damn good year. 

So, finally, I am doing the most Subway Domeresque thing to do and am announcing my Non-Retirement from blogging. Things may get a little slow around here from time to time, but I ask all of you to respect and be patient with Your Pharaoh. 

Now, back to your regularly delayed programming. 

-The Subway Domer

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