Joe Montana Is Not Everett Golson’s Biggest Fan

Legendary Notre Dame quarterback, Joe Montana, has never been shy with his statements about Notre Dame football. One of his most controversial statements (for Irish fans) was that he thought Notre Dame would only be able to compete for a National Title every 5 years or so.

Below is from a ESPN chat. I present this to you without comment:

Brent (Indy) : Joe, what's your opinion of Everett Golson, ND's new qb? Do you think he's got the skills to take ND to a BCS game? Thanks.

Joe Montana (1:09 PM) : Kelly can't figure out what he wants. Every one of his QBs that he has, he claims is his next star, but he doesn't last long with him. He's probably the least talented thrower that they have, so maybe they're looking to run the ball with him.

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