Jeweled Shillelagh Haiku Throwdown

In honor of Notre Dame's last game of the season against Southern Cal, I think we owe it to the entire ND Nation to have a good old-fashioned Haiku Throwdown.

I'll start off with a few, and then of course, you may continue this holy work in the comment section below.

Do it, or I will have your eyes cut out.

  • Irish invade LA
  • Taking back the Jewels
  • Burn Troy for Shillelaghs

And another…

  • Trojans suck my ass
  • Golson be ballin' hard
  • Prince rips Wittek's tongue out

Oh hell- one more

  • No "D" in "USC"
  • Kiffin derps again
  • Nepotism has failed
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