Irish Blogger Gathering: Tweeting At Cougars

notre dame football

Welcome to the Irish Blogger Gathering on Subway Domer. This week, the Irish play host to BYU and there seemingly is nothing to get worked up about. 

IT'S A TRAP!!!!!!!

Seriously, I really have no other intro. Sad. Just fucking sad, man. Good thing I have ND Tex from Her Loyal Sons to pair up with this week. But he does smell a bit worse than Keith Arnold who paired up with the Nature Boy Josh Flynt at Strong And True.

We be tweeting at these cougars ALL DAY SON!!!

On to the IBG in tweet form…

Why WILL Manti Te'o win the Heisman?


How good is this defense?



What did you see, in terms of the development of this team, after 6 games?



Can & will the Irish finish undefeated?



BYU prediction…


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