Irish Blogger Gathering: Boston College Eagles Haiku Throwdown

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Welcome to the Irish Blogger Gathering on Subway Domer! This week the Irish go back on the road to do what they obviously do best- and that's kicking serious ass away from home. Keith Arnold of NBC's Inside The Irish joins me this week (and I answer his) as he is the last one to take the HAIKU CHALLENGE. You know I'm down for this (reread the title of the article and tell me I'm not).

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Let's do this thang…

After last weeks close win, what can we expect from Notre Dame as they play an even worse opponent this week with Boston College? Is the pressure getting to them?

Pressure can burst pipes
But also helps make diamonds
Time to beat BC.

Manti's Heisman campaign took a hit this past weekend. Is everybody on bath salts?

Clark Kent makes mistakes
Bruce Wayne sometimes gets fooled too
Te'o will be fine.

Should Irish fans be nervous about all of the "even if ND goes undefeated they probably won't be in the BCS title game over an Oregon or a Kansas State" talk?

Must win your games first
Nobody leaves ND home
It's all just white noise

Predictions for the BC game.

Big time road favorites?
BC always brings their best
Who cares? Irish roll

Now it's your turn! Answer the questions or make up your own in the comment section below…

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