Irish Blogger Gathering: A Rebirth

irish blogger gathering

The Irish Blogger Gathering is back! The IBG has returned for the 2012 season, but much like Notre Dame's own quarterback situation, the IBG has made some changes. These changes were made to freshen it up, make it more relevant, and more engaging for you, the reader.

This years IBG membership consists of:

The way we do the discussion will change drastically. In the past, one site was asked to come up with 5-7 questions and then everyone else would answer those questions and post them on their own site. It was OK for a while, but the conversation never circled around like we had hoped. 

This season, the "rules" are as follows:

  • Round Robin format with weekly pairings.
  • One site asks another site 3 questions, and then posts those answers. 
  • The articles will be posted on Thursday each week.

It's as simple as that. Our hope, is that this will provide a much broader discussion each week and provide more insight for all of our loyal and not so loyal readers.

We'll be chatting soon, as game week FINALLY is right arond the corner. Thank-you and we hope this is a fantastically fun season both on the field and within the web.

-The Irish Blogger Gathering
*Special thanks to Kelly Bloor for this years banner!

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