Burn Troy Burn!!!

I asked Notre Dame fans why they hate Southern Cal. They responded…


Irish fans share some of their hate for Southern Cal.

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Why do YOU hate Southern Cal? Tell me, I’m listening. Call 1-900-FUK-TROY or just use hashtag #BURNTROYBURN to send to me.The Subway Domer
That song they never stop playing. #BURNTROYBURNoak
@TheSubwayDomer #BURNTROYBURN their ketchup and mustard uni’s look like a dog ate something bad, puked, ate it again and shit it back outJohnny Nebraska™
OJ, AD, the Bush Push, losing 8 straight, and that damned horse #BURNTROYBURNGreg Murphy
@TheSubwayDomer the obnoxious song they play between every friggin play #BURNTROYBURNJim Earing
The Raider fans who now wear red and gold; the OC glitterati "fans" who show up twice a year #BURNTROYBURNGreg Murphy
"Why do you hate Southern Cal?" @TheSubwayDomer. let’s see, Pete Carroll, the Bush Push, Fight On, and that Damn White Horse. #BURNTROYBURNSteve in Iowa
@IrishElvis Dont forget that They bought Reggie Bush’s parents a house across from the Campus. #BURNTROYBURNMayhem
Sexual ballin’ #BURNTROYBURNHarry Adams
@IrishElvis Let people make porno on their field. #BURNTROYBURNMayhem
“@IrishElvis: The Horse #BURNTROYBURN” Named Traveller. Same as Robert E. Lee’s horse. Racists? I think so.Mayhem
Their Sports Info Director throwing a tantrum over being called "Southern Cal" by 99.9% of the country. #BURNTROYBURNFirst Down Moses
@MrMayhem75 @irishelvis house yes no where near that dump of a shithole campus #BURNTROYBURNsteve neuman
@IrishElvis The Kardashian sisters. #BURNTROYBURNMayhem
The fact that they’re not direct descendants of noble Aeneas. #BURNTROYBURNFirst Down Moses
Having a condom for your mascot #BURNTROYBURNsteve neuman
Chlamydia. #BURNTROYBURNKnute School
The fact that OJ Simpson won a Heisman there. #BURNTROYBURNKevin McConnell
Ignoring the fact that Troy University actually exists, thus making themselves all ineligible by being "Men of Troy" AND USC. #BURNTROYBURNFirst Down Moses
Because it’s "crucial" #BURNTROYBURNSean Cameron
Hello Kiffin! Ahhh how cute! #BURNTROYBURN D
Pic snapped at USC practice today! #BURNTROYBURN D
University of Sanctioned Cheaters#BURNTROYBURN D
USC marketing promo?? #BURNTROYBURN D
Lane Kiffin eats quiche. #BURNTROYBURN!Sassy Sandy
@90Domer. Lane Kiffin wears a Skirt… Oops that an insult to women. #BURNTROYBURNJp
@90Domer lane Kiffin is named Lane #BURNTROYBURNsteve neuman
Lane…that’s a furniture brand, not a name! (Ode to Duckie and Pretty in Pink) #BURNTROYBURN!Sassy Sandy
Classic Line! "Los Angeles has more ambitious, unethical opportunists than any city in America." #BURNTROYBURNKnute School
Trojan Horseshit #BeatUSC #FUSC #BURNTROYBURN School
#BurnTroyBurn RT @FakeSwarbrick: Lame Kiffin doesn’t wipe his ass. Because that’s who he is.Sassy Sandy
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