Bagpipe Wednesday Just Happened

You heard it right… Bagpipe Wednesday. Please pay no attention to the banner that says, "Monday," as this week has absolutely gone to the shitter.

I'll save you from the long explanation of why so little has been posted this far, but historically Subway Domer takes a wee bit of a break during the bye week. Of course, that wasn't the plan this year, but nevertheless it happened.

I will have a "Hangover" post for Michigan but it will be a podcast. Look for that late tonight. Not only will I discuss the game, but I will also talk about dropping Michigan from the schedule, recruiting, my quarterback theory, and only god knows what else. I'll be hype.

More programming notes… Look for me in the Google+ Hangout with Jack Swarbrick tonight at 7:00. Need more details? Check out my Bros over at Her Loyal Sons. They were a little more on point this week. Blog War continues…

And now, here is the video that should have been posted Monday. You're welcome for me dragging this out. VICTORY IS FUCKING SWEET Y'ALL!!!

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