Twittermania: The Weekly Top 5 #NDFB Tweets 12/21/11

best #ndfb tweets
Welcome to Twittermania! This is the place where you will find the best #NDFB tweets (and just about anything else of the awesome nature) on the @TheSubwayDomer Twitter timeline. There is now a running total, a scoresheet if you will, that is located in the menu bar above, or by following THIS LINK.

It’s a great way to hand out the ultimate prize of GLORY, and it will also keep all the guys at HLS on their toes.  

This week, we have our first “Missed Tweet.” Seriously people, I can’t be on Twitter all day. If I miss something- call my ass out on it, and I’ll check it out and possibly correct the situation. Also… you just knew there was no way I could possibly follow the rules and keep it at 5 every week. You were right. I’m the biggest boss that you seen thus far.

Let’s jump to the Top 5:

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