Special Announcement: The Irish Blogger Gathering Returns For Its Senior Year

irish blogger gathering
They are coming…they are coming…. It’s the Irish Blogger gathering! The IBG is back for our senior year, and have no desire of graduating anytime soon. Four years of colorful banter between the very best Notre Dame blogs on these here Internets, and we still have the will to carry on. A 21-17 record throughout that span has been rough, but we all know better things are on their way.

The season is nearly upon us as the nation enters a “bye” week on Sunday, August 21. Notre Dame has some real actual hype from writers, bloggers, and nuns from across the nation. Last year was in some ways a defining moment for the program. In 2011, the program looks to continue to not only improve, but to compete at the highest level. Are you ready for some vicious headbutting and totally rad high-fives? Mmmmm… I know we are. So let’s get on with this and announce the inevitable:

The Irish Blogger Gathering enters our fourth year with some changes to the roster, but still loaded with talent. We lost a few blogs, and gained a few blogs. Just like any college football team in the country, the team will change a bit from year to year. Although I (The Subway Domer) created the IBG and do most of the administering of the day to day operations, this is a very collective group, and one that works together. Teamwork, YEAH! Here are your IBG Knights for the 2011 season:

The IBG Knights

  • Subway Domer 
  • Her Loyal Sons 
  • One Foot Down 
  • UHND 
  • Irish Round Table 
  • Inside The Irish w/ Keith Arnold 
  • Domer Law 
  • We Never Graduate 
  • ND Tex
  • ND Football 2011 

While these are the current members and host blogs, the IBG accepts any and all Irish blogs to participate. Merely email me at subwaydomer26@gmail.com and I will fill you in on all of the details if you wish to join. While these constitute the blogs themselves, some blogs mat have multiple writers who then can provide separate responses to the questions provided by the “Host Post.”

Speaking of the “Host Post,” or “Host Blog,” they will be providing 4-6 questions for the week that they (the host blog) are scheduled. The other members will then post responses on their own blogs and links to those responses will be found on the “Host Post/Blog.” The schedule breaks down like this:

  • Preseason—> Her Loyal Sons 
  • South Florida—> UHND 
  • Michigan—> Her Loyal Sons 
  • Michigan State—> ND Tex 
  • PITT—> One Foot Down 
  • Purdue—> Irish Round Table 
  • Air Force—> ND 2011 
  • U$C—> Domer Law 
  • Navy—> One Foot Down 
  • Wake Forest—> Subway Domer 
  • Maryland—> We Never Graduate 
  • Boston College—> Her Loyal Sons (Poot) 
  • Stanford—> Inside The Irish 
  • Postseason—> Subway Domer 
  • Bowl Game—> ???????????? 

If there is a bowl game (and there had better be a damn good one), the host blog for the bowl game will be decided in the weeks leading up to the game after a proper pentathlon has been completed with the following events: 1. Indian Leg Wrestling tournament 2. Croquet 3. Trojan Dunks (don’t ask) 4. White Castle eating contest 5. Rock, Paper, Scissors.

For all of the readers out there, be sure to let your voice and opinion heard throughout the IBG. We may be right 100% of the time, but that just leaves lots of room for you to be wrong! j/k

So, let it begin! The Preseason IBG on HLS will start on Friday. This is now your gateway into the minds of the greatest Notre Dame Football Think Tank in existence (even with Poot). This is, The Irish Blogger Gathering (yes, yes, we know the name sucks).

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